Introducing TMO Academy: Everything You Need to Know

Great News, y’all!

We are launching TMO Academy to the public. We’ve had in-house training and courses, one of which is the TMO Writing Course mentioned in our 2020 review. We are now taking this to the public and excited to let you know that we’re kicking it off with a course!

To register:

You need skills to achieve relevance and empower yourself to do more but these skills are not inherent, they are acquired – taught and learnt.

So, what is TMO Academy about?

TMO Academy is another sector of TMO created to empower teenagers and young adults with the requisite skills to live their best lives and take advantage of the resources at their disposal. It began as an in-house training session for members of the TMO Army and has since evolved to be an Academy, which will now be open to the public for enrollment.

Let TMO Academy help you in your quest to achieve your goals and make the best use of your resources by equipping you with practical skills that will aid your growth.

Teens Meet Outreach started as a platform for teenagers and young adults to grow, connect, and leverage the power of community to beautify their lives. With TMO Academy, the platform gets bigger and better!

Why Should You Enroll?

The courses offered in the academy are practical and taught by professionals. The fundamentals will be accompanied with relevant exercises that will enable the students to master the skills they wish to learn. Also, you don’t want to miss out of a great learning experience with awesome tutors and great learners like you. Rest assured that every minute you spend on the platform will be value-packed.

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

The door is open to every teenager and young adult willing to live their best lives and take advantage of every opportunity available to do so. As long as the courses available apply to you, you are always welcome.

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll?

It costs nothing to enroll for most of the courses. However, as we proceed in the academy, some courses might attract a token and that will be communicated to everyone who’s subscribed to the Academy.

As much as it might not require financial cost, bear in mind that it will still cost you your time, effort, commitment and dedication, your willingness to learn, and internet subscription. Be prepared.

What are the Available Courses Now?

Growing a Successful Business Online

Summary: Learn the art of growing a successful online business (maximizing the use of Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business).

Duration: 31st March 2021 to 3rd April 2021

Later this year, we will have a course on Content Writing and you can join the waiting list.

To sign up and enroll for the available course or join the waiting list for others, click on this link.

Don’t forget to share with someone. See you in class!


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