TMO 2021 Wrapped!

It has become a yearly tradition to share what the year looked like for us at Teens Meet Outreach. As always, we are excited to share what we were up to in the year 2021 and what to expect in 2022. After having a surprising turn of events in 2020 due to the pandemic, we recorded some feats regardless and did even better in 2021. In TMO Army, we put in the time, energy, and resources required to make our plans for each year a reality.

Let us take you through 2021 in a wrap!




  • IWD Project- #PadATeen – 200 Girls
  • IWD Webinar
  • Training for Teen Mentors
  • TMO Academy Launch


  • TMO Academy – Growing a Successful Online Business – 52 Students


  • Fifth Anniversary
  • Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH) 5.0- 403 Hearts


  • TMO Academy – Fundamentals of Content Writing – 15 Finalists


  • TMO Conversations- 50 participants

Now, let’s break it down…

IWD Project 2021

TMO IWD PadATeen Ibadan 2021
PadATeen, Ibadan 2021

The month of March is also referred to globally as International Women’s Month and since 2018 in TMO, we have taken it upon ourselves to use that opportunity to reach out to teenage girls in secondary schools. The primary goal of reaching out to these girls is to educate them on their menstrual hygiene and other things regarding the female gender and also answer their tugging questions.

This IWD project is called the #PadATeen project and has been carried out eight times in five different locations across two major countries – Nigeria and The Gambia. We have also distributed over a thousand sanitary pads for free to teenage girls.

This year, we reached out to two schools in Ibadan and Calabar and almost 200 students benefitted from the project.

See update for #PadATeen in Ibadan.

See update for #PadATeen in Calabar.

TMO IWD Webinar

We had a webinar in March for teenage girls where we discussed the theme of International Women’s Month – Challenging the Status Quo. The webinar focused on challenging the status quo on Career and Relationships. To facilitate this session, we appreciate these two women of purpose:

  • Adewuyi Roseline – Challenging the status quo in your career
  • Modupe Aremotobi – Challenging the status quo in your relationships

Training for Teen Mentors


One project that has stayed with us from the foundation of TMO is the Meet a Coach/Mentor project. To take this to a further level, we decided to train some of our in-house members, specifically those from 24 years and above. 10 mentors made it to the final stage and successfully completed the assessment, after which they were certified. To facilitate this training, we appreciate the following people:

  • Joy Shokoya from Mirabel Centre – Nigeria’s first Sexual Assault Referral Centre
  • Ene from Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) – Nigeria’s largest youth run and youth-focused mental health organization
  • Aremo Tobi – Teen Mentor; Relationship and Marriage Coach
  • Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole – Teen Mentor

TMO Academy Launch

After successfully conducting in-house training on Content Writing in the previous year, we decided to officially launch TMO Academy. We launched in March and have taught two courses so far – FREE.

The first course was held in April on Growing a Successful Online business and facilitated by Deborah Agboye. See details here.

The second course was held in September on the Fundamentals of Content Writing and facilitated by Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole (TeeFaith). See details here.

In total, we are excited to announce that TMO Academy impacted over 65 students in 2021.

Our Fifth Anniversary!

TMO celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2021. This is such a great feat for us, considering how we started and have managed to stay consistent over the years despite limited funding and support. We made a comprehensive post on our journey so far and titled it The Journey of 5 Years and a Rising Army.

Some of our volunteers also talked about their journey so far in TMO.

Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH) 5.0

LPOH5 Lagos
LPOH 5.0, Lagos Nigeria

To commemorate our anniversary, we always conduct community outreach in several locations and we tag this Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH). We have consistently done this for five years now in nine locations across two countries.

For this year’s edition, we left prints on over 400 hearts and we gave a proper breakdown including a financial report.

TMO Conversations 6.0

In 2016, the year TMO was founded, we kicked off TMO conversations. The idea was to have an online conversation with teenagers and young adults to talk about pressing issues. Year after year in October, we have successfully done this. However, we decided to try a new method this year and chose quality over quantity.

Compared to previous years, we had the smallest fraction of participants this year and it was deliberate. TMOC 6.0 was on The Resourceful Teenager. We have provided a detailed report of what we did and how we did it.

What to Expect in 2022

We always strive to be better every year and 2022 won’t be any different. Our regular annual events will continue and this will also be the year we launch the third edition of our magazine!

We will like to use this opportunity to appreciate every single person who was a part of our year. Thank you to TMO Army for volunteering their time and effort to ensure we bring these events to life. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who gave to us in cash and kind. We truly do not take it for granted.

We stand strong today because you believed in us and we don’t want you to stop. Not in 2022. Not ever.


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