Fashion and Decency | by Olayinka Adedolapo

The last time, I talked about fashion in general and how there’s more to what most of us think. Click here to read

Today, we’ll be looking at a very interesting topic: Fashion and Decency.
Most often, people use these words separately, which shouldn’t be because you can look gorgeous and still remain decent.

What’s decency really?

I looked it up in the dictionary and found out that it means having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards, or showing integrity, fairness or other characteristics associated with moral uprightness. The word fairness there really got me thinking; so this means we can dress in a way that is fair to others, wow! Interesting.

So basically, most people have this idea that until I expose or wear something extremely tight, I wouldn’t look sophisticated or fashionable, but that’s not so true because I can boldly tell you that the days I wear cloths that are not body-revealing are the days I get so much complements.

Olayinka Adedolapo
This is me looking fashionable, yet decent

You can dress decently and still look great! Okay, for guys there is really not much to reveal(50% true) but we ladies sure do have a lot to reveal (lol). I know sometimes it’s very tempting to want to follow the trend and dress the way every one does but does it define you? We should learn to let our dressings define us; not misrepresent us.

So, I want you to look in the mirror every morning when you dress up and ask yourself does this dress define me?

I’ll share some more articles later. Till then, stay Fashionable and Decent!

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About the Writer: Olayinka Adedolapo is a young lady with passion for fashion.


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