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When you hear the word “fashion” what comes to your mind? To most people, it’s all about getting expensive clothes, designer bags and shoes, colourful things, and so on. But what if I tell you that’s not what fashion is really about?

To me, fashion is an art of personal self-expression or an expression of one’s identity through fabrics. I want to believe you have heard the saying ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. Exactly! Fashion says who you are.


Fashion could also be a form of style, vogue or trend of dressing; fashion can be all sorts, but the main thing to know is that FASHION HAS TO DO WITH PASSION.

Got that, right?

I have come to realize that some adults think fashion as a thing for teenagers/youths; some others streamline it to females only. The truth, however, is that fashion is for everyone; old or young; male or female.

Fashion isn’t really concerned about expenses or how full your pocket is; you need not to have a fat bank account or loads of designer wears in your wardrobe. Are you surprised? I think we need to scrap that thinking of ours. You don’t need to have a huge amount of money before you can roll in with fashion; you can look gorgeous without designer wears.

Let me tell you a little secret about myself.

second hand clothes

There was a time I was preparing to go to college in Ibadan, Nigeria. I needed clothes but I didn’t get enough money from my parents to spend on buying clothes. I was a little sad about that so my mum brought up the idea of buying cheap second hand clothes. We went ahead and bought them; majority of the clothes I took to college were those cheap ones we got. But you know what eventually happened? I won an award as the best dressed female in the whole of my college that year. Don’t be surprised. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you can’t look good with the little you have.

Fashion is from within; an innermost desire to look good, dress good, and feel good. It is ever evolving, and this is what I see as fashion.

About the writer: I am Olayinka Adedolapo, a young lady with passion for fashion just like you. Join me on this section of the blog as we discuss and learn new things about fashion and fashion designing (creating your own designs, drafting, etc) for both male and female. Expect amazing fashion tips!

Do you also think there is more to fashion? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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