TMO 2022; The In-betweens

2022 for us at Teens Meet Outreach was different from previous years. If you were with us last year – 2021, you’d know how we recorded over 700 hearts impacted via several projects. In 2022, we didn’t have as many events as in previous years and at the same time, had a different approach to the projects we handled. This wouldn’t have been possible without TMO Army putting in the required efforts to make it work.

This post will take you through what the year was like for us and what to expect in 2023. Shall we?

If you’re familiar with our annual projects, you’d know we have projects running throughout the year. This includes the IWD PadATeen, TMO Academy, Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH), TMO Conversations, TMO Magazine, etc. This year, we had one, which is the LPOH project across three locations.

If we’re being transparent, many things didn’t quite work out for TMO this year, due to reasons within and beyond our control. So, we’ll focus on the projects that came to life and also give a rundown of the ones in the works

THE LPOH Project

Teens Meet Outreach project on Leaving Prints On hearts 6.0 (LPOH) in three locations - Ibadan, Lagos, The Gambia
LPOH6 Volunteers

Every year, we have the Leaving Prints On Hearts (LPOH) project to commemorate our anniversary in June. We have done this over the past years, with the first edition in 2017 and have covered over 10 locations across two countries. Over 3000 hearts have been impacted by this.

This year, we decided to take it a step further and be more deliberate about it. We covered three locations across two countries in three months and provided complete details in this blog post – LPOH 6.0 Update | Win one, win a thousand | An outreach with a difference.

This particular outreach was important to us because it has a long-term plan, in the sense that we didn’t stop at just reaching out. We got the details of the people in these communities and plan to return with more projects tailored for them that would significantly improve their lives. 2023 will be more focused on partnerships that will help make this possible.

  • In Ibadan Nigeria, we left prints on 50 hearts
  • In Jiboroh, The Gambia, 100 hearts
  • In Lagos Nigeria, 300 hearts

A summary of the number of volunteers and hearts reached, including the financial breakdown, can be seen in the financial report also provided in the LPOH update.

What’s in 2023?

More partnerships and taking charge of the things well within our control. Some projects will have to take a backseat like they did this year and some others would have to resurface. If there’s one thing we are confident of, it is that 2023 will be unique in its own way and the focus would be on quality over quantity.

As usual, we’ll constantly document our stories on this blog and our social platforms (@teensmeetonline everywhere).

If you will like to be part of this life-changing story impacting teenagers around the world, please click on the button below to get started and we’ll receive you with open arms. There’s always something to do in TMO; a place you can fit into.

To support us financially:

Account details

Bank: Wema Bank
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Thank you for your continuous support.


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