How God’s Word Strengthens Our Mind.

Man is tripartite of Spirit, soul, and body.

1 Thess.5.23 – And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly, and I pray God your whole Spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And our soul is the center of consciousnesses comprising our mind, emotions, and intellect. Moving forward, a man’s mind is his organ of thought, and he can know, think, imagine, remember, and understand through it.
Our mind occupies a large place in life because it can influence our actions. No wonder the scriptures emphasize the need for every evil imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of the Lord to be cast down.

Our minds are a delicate part of us, constituting a battlefield where the devil tries to contend against the truth.
Come to think of it, why can’t you still do certain things you want to do even after you’ve confessed Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

The truth is that your mind is still catching up with your regenerated Spirit, and that’s simply because of the evil or corrupt exposures and several things that have been learned over time.
I mean, that very day you got saved, the color of your cloth remained the same, such that your mathematical prowess wasn’t tweaked. You still knew that 2+1 gives you 3.

This implies that everything on your mind remains. It’s just your Spirit that got saved.
Do you now see why our minds must continually be strengthened and worked on?
And you see, the WORD OF GOD can save our souls. (don’t forget it comprises our mind, emotion, and intellect)
James 1:21

” So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness and in a humble(gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome that which is implanted and rooted (in your heart) contains the power to save your souls.”

We can strengthen our minds to do great and mighty things by continually feeding on God’s word.

God’s word is powerful to cause a change in the heart of many who use it.

Let’s look at the key points that precede the strengthening of our minds.

1. Receiving the Word

This explains the readiness to get into the word of God for transformation and spiritual growth. The Word of God is a powerful tool that can change you from the inside out.

You’re left to take advantage of this divine provision to humanity. 

Friend, you should receive this precious gift and key tool needed for strengthening your mind and winning in this life.

2. Feasting on the Word

A man without God’s word is incomplete.

How would you feel if you’ve not taken your physical food for days? 

In fact, with just one day without food, you can feel some sort of hunger resulting in weakness. This illustrates the importance of food to the body.

Spiritual food(the word of God ) is to the Spirit, and it can cleanse and set your mind alright.

Make it a point of duty to interface with God’s word daily.

3. Meditating on the Word

Meditation is thinking and speaking the word of God. With meditation, you can dig to find more treasures.

Meditation lets you focus on what Christ has done for you and bask in this reality.

Meditating on the word of God will strengthen the mind and allow it to be positioned to receive all the possibilities embedded in the scriptures.

4. Memorization of the Word

God desires that our mind is totally and continually renewed. So, you can also allow God’s words to stay in your heart by memorizing Bible verses that speak to you.

What you constantly come in contact with influences your thinking, speech, and actions. 

Be more intentional about memorizing scripture verses.

In a wrap, you don’t have to continue to wallow in confusion, fear, worry, and doubt. Faith will rise with you by hearing and reading the word of God.

Get at it NOW.


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