What Would You Like To Change About Your Parents?

Two weeks ago, I asked my students what they would love to change about their parents. Their answers were not only funny but a reflection of their perspectives towards life. They all had a warped mindset and believed things just happened rationally. That event opened my eyes to see how impaired some parenting patterns are, leaving many children and teenagers with half-truths and lies about life. 

Many of the students mentioned three things which I would like to discuss in today’s article: 

  • Parent’s source of income
  • Standard of living
  • Parent’s personality. 

I bet almost every teenager thinks their parents earn more than they do. Some teenagers even think their parents are wasteful. No, I am not casting the stone. I used to believe my parents did not know how to spend until I started living independently. If you have thought your parents aren’t doing enough, you may need to take a chill pill and read what I am about to share with you. 

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Parent’s Source of Income

I understand that many teenagers and youths are more exposed to new money strategies. Almost every teenager I know has a side hustle, skillsets, or a paying gig, even as a university student. Because of this, many teenagers would assume their parents are not working hard enough to make more money.

Calm down!

I often tell my students that life is in phases. Most of the skills and jobs we know today didn’t exist 15 years ago. Many of our parents had to do the usual traditional jobs. For those who went to the university, got a government job, and prayed for promotion—those who didn’t have a formal education either traded or did a menial job. And we know that the country’s economic status is not helping with inflation everywhere. So, it isn’t our parents’ fault. They were limited by environment and opportunities. 

Can you change your parent’s jobs? I doubt that is possible. You can only trust God with them for financial breakthroughs. A contract, promotion, or pension gets paid. 

Standard of Living

One of my students said he doesn’t like that his parents are buying thrift clothes and almost-rotten tomatoes. I laughed, and I am laughing as I type this. That was the ridiculous answer I got, but the boy had his reasons. He believed those almost-rotten tomatoes were not healthy enough.

The truth is your income depends on your standard of living. You could have attended a better school if your dad was a politician, pilot, or rich man. As much as every parent would go the extra mile for their kids, they always choose to stay within their range. When your mum tries to beat the price of shoes from ₦7000 to ₦2500, please understand her plight. 

Parent’s Personality

Growing up, I wondered why my dad acted the way he did or why my mum did some things. I also wished I could change them. Unfortunately, you can’t change anyone’s character except it is their choice.

Whether your mum likes shouting at you, nagging, complaining, or amplifying your bad habits, I am sorry to say that you may need to bear with them. (This does not apply to toxic or physically molesting parents).

Like I often say, most of our parents are the better versions of their parents; they did their best to raise us. What can you do? Please sit them down and talk to them. Of course, respectably. If you have older siblings, you could ask them to speak to your parents. I believe this would work if you already have a relationship with your parents

I understand what it feels like to have parents who do not care about your emotions. If you need to talk to anyone, you can talk to one of our mentors here. 

Is there anything you would love to change about your parents? Or you once wished you could change? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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