My Parents are Rich; Should I Worry About Making any Income?

Wealth isn’t generational, though it can be passed to the next generation.

There is a peculiar individuality that comes with wealth. Whatever your parents might have achieved belongs to them, you can try to key into their affluence, stay under the shadows of their riches but in the end, your personal wealth sheet without your input is blank.

Your parents are rich, fine. But in actual fact, this is the greatest challenge ever to you. Their wealth is just a driblet compared to the income you should focus on making. Your income should in fact reflect that wealth runs in the family.

Yes, I wish I could write in big, bold, block letters that you should worry about making an income if your parents are rich. For the river of wealth they have, you should create an ocean. You are just a rich man or rich woman’s son or daughter, however it seems.

Why should you worry? Because it is a challenge to you and the wealth they have is a bet. It might be bequeathed to you or not. Imagine you woke up one morning and found out they were not your real parents and the real heir or heiress steps into the light. In other situations, we have seen rich people who died and indicated, in their will, that their hard earned wealth should go to the less privileged.

If you depend on your parents wealth, your purpose on earth hasn’t been fulfilled. Their riches isn’t yours. If in life you make an ounce of their wealth and not triple, it’s a failure.

Your parents are rich, you should be richer. Learn from them how to make wealth.

A popular saying goes thus, “teach me how to fish, do not give me fish”.

Your parents are the ones at the sea of fish. If peradventure, an unfortunate circumstance occurs, probably death or a down time in business and the wealth disappears, where would your face be turned? North, East, West or South?

You should also worry because you tend to spend more daily, so you need to earn more and having to rely on their riches will be unwise. Wealth not gained is tantamount to wealth lost.

Your parents are rich and they feel relaxed, so they do not feel the need to keep the money flow in circulation, thereby causing a dearth in the level of their wealth and this will take a toll on you.

You should be secured, your parents wealth cannot give you a guarantee.

Even God points out that we should not covet that which isn’t ours. The money doesn’t belong to you; the fact that they are your parents doesn’t give you an automatic ownership. If they worked for it, you should work harder.

Poverty isn’t mainly about lacking money; it is about lack of basic positive knowledge of money making.

On the other hand, however, people make their wealth through different methods. Your parents are not an exception, so you should worry about making an income in order to be able to make an account of how you amass the wealth. You wouldn’t want to place your income on a wealth that may or may not be ill gotten.

Making an income gives you a sense of belonging, respect, and discipline.

Only the one who makes the money knows how it should be spent. Relying on your parents’ wealth will lower you to a lavish spender.

If you would reason with me, the wealthy ones of the 80s are not being heard in the century we live now. Time and tides have changed.

The riches your parents are acquiring this moment might be equal to nothing in the next few years. Make wealth that resonates with your own time and generation.

Indeed, only what is truly worked for lasts a long time.

Your parents, on the long run, might bequeath you a mansion full of wealth. If you do not know how to make an income, oh no! Before you say Jack Robinson, every dime will go down the drain like water down a pipe. In a twinkle of an eye, it will be gone like smoke high in the winds.

Assurance of having rich parents should not get you relaxed, indeed it should put you on your toes. Multiply that wealth, however you can.

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6 thoughts on “My Parents are Rich; Should I Worry About Making any Income?

  1. I used to say the same too
    Didn’t bother about finances because I had parents and siblings that could take care of me
    Now I’ve realized money can go as easy as it comes and I need to work hard for mine to in order to understand the value of money


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