Building a Great Relationship With Your Parents

Having a great and smooth relationship with your parents may not be the easiest thing to do during your teenage years. But it is not an impossible thing, or a daunting feat.

At this age, you want to start making decisions on your own, and some of these decisions may not sit well with them. And so, rebellion may set in.

Or you have certain mindsets that you think they can’t relate with, and it feels like they are not understanding you. At times, it even feels like they don’t love you.

But guess what? They do. They just may not be able to express it appropriately, or in the way you want.

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In this article, I have highlighted some things you can do to help build a great relationship with your parents, which would blossom into solid friendship in years to come.

1. Pray for them

This point can never become cliche, and even if it is, it is because it works wonders.

Pray for your parents, ask God to help them express their love for you in a better way. Pray for their finance, pray for their health, pray for everything, and trust me, you would see tangible results.

2. Obey them in the Lord

Yes, emphasis is on in the Lord! Not grudgingly or reluctantly, but with cheerful eagerness.

Carry out your responsibilities in the house with joy, and they would surely be pleased with you.

3. Buy them gifts

You can never go with buying gifts for your parents, whether on their birthdays, special celebration days or just on random occasions.

4. Communicate with them

Yes, you can initiate conversations with your parents. It may seem wired at first, but with time, it would become normal.

Ask them questions about their childhood, their parents, pick their old pictures and ask questions about the persons in them, and just talk.

Our parents are important people in our lives, and no matter their flaws and prejudices, they should still be respected, as the Lord commands.

How has your relationship with your parents been? What do you intend to do to improve it? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


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