Start Praying at Teen Age

Prayer is the practice of communicating with one’s God. It is as simple as that

You don’t necessarily have to create a number of hours out of your daily schedule. Prayer can be done at anytime and anywhere, since it’s just all about communication.

A lot of teenagers get so busy that to speak to their creator has become a great task to do.
Teen age is the best time we have to build our relationship with God through prayer. No much activity is involved, compared to what a married man or woman has to do. We really do not have so much responsibilities.

A.W Tozer’s book on prayer mentioned that both in our sacred (spiritual) and secular life (non-spiritual), a lifestyle of prayer should be cultivated.
God is always available, there’s no network failure with him, He listens to us every time as long as our prayers come from a clean and pure heart.

One thing I have discovered that makes prayer easy is having the word of God in our hearts and obedience to God. Do not try to substitute praying for obeying. Both are important in your walk with God.

Boys/Guys who think prayer is for ladies alone deceive themselves, God created everyone and has given us the privilege to communicate with Him. Jesus in His glory prayed a lot of times. He went to secluded places to pray, not minding the large number of crowds that wanted to see Him.

Jesus didn’t allow the miracles He performed to get into His head, making Him desert the place of prayer.

Jesus is a good example of a praying vessel, as busy as His schedule was, he kept praying to the extent that he influenced his disciples and they  desired to pray too.

Luke 11:1

Teenagers, don’t get too busy with daily activities, surfing the net, gisting and the likes to the extent that you neglect the place of prayer.

When you pray, you communicate with the supernatural being and as time goes on, He brings you to the realm of living in the supernatural, then you become different from your colleague.

You make positive and divine impact in your academics and other areas of life.

If you think you can make impact by your own wisdom or intelligence, it won’t last for long.

Praying teenagers rule their world, they make a difference.

Dare to be one!!!


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