Prayer is a responsibility and privilege

In this post, I would like to emphasize one of the points that I mentioned in my last post that

Boys/Guys who think prayer is for ladies alone deceive themselves’…
God created everyone and gave us the privilege of communicating with Him.

Prayer is not a work that should be allocated to women alone as some think or do. It is everyone’s responsibility and privilege.

When you don’t pray, you’re wasting the privilege you have to communicate with God.

Ladies can pray and their prayers will be answered; but so can guys.
Those who do not pray have no right to lead or direct because until you command in the spiritual realm, you can’t in the physical.

Praying ladies know the will of God far better than a prayer-less guy.
It’s cool to be a big guy but at that, don’t neglect the place of prayer.

It is when you pray that you become a real big guy because then you command results that your friends don’t.

‘Devote yourself to prayer and ministry of the word’ Act 6:4 irrespective of your gender.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God as a guy/lady if you truly want to be God’s people of light and salt in this fallen world.
Pray so that you won’t become a prey.

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