I stood on the mountain top far away,

searching for something deeper than my soul itself.

Longing for something profound within.

Something far greater than my existence.

Voluminous blue sky glancing  indistinct.

Desiring balance for my unsettled being.

Could this emptiness be real?

Could there be any tranquility, other than the self achieved  valor?

Could there be anything motionless like the placid of Christ?

Again my soul scour for the deep things of Christ.

So what is that way?

What is His ways?

How can I get in contact with Him.

In my age where everything is filled with ambiguity, like a teen flowing as the water in an ocean.

That unfamiliar connection feels recognizable.

As though I know what I want from deep within my spirit.

I sense His spirit in me.

How do I know him?

Tell me is it by Prayer, Supplication or thanksgiving?

Sovereign is He.

I hunger for the bottomless things of God.

Take me to that Hill where there is no turning back.

I am willing to run a race farther than the start

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2 thoughts on “THE DEEP

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