A Poem about God’s Love

Do you know the depth Of the sea? Have you ever swam across the ocean To analyse its width? Have you climbed The high Everest To fathom its height? Have you measured the earth To determine its weight? Magnificent Great Indefinable Exceeding imaginations You think these things are exactly as they appear to be?


I stood on the mountain top far away, searching for something deeper than my soul itself. Longing for something profound within. Something far greater than my existence. Voluminous blue sky glancing  indistinct. Desiring balance for my unsettled being. Could this emptiness be real? Could there be any tranquility, other than the self achieved  valor? Could … More THE DEEP

I Am Poetry

Call me the wave that blows the seasoned atmosphere; Picking out trashes; blending them amidst thorns Forming beautiful petals Petals that sprout colourfully, Blooming- with scents that choke The bitterness and foul smell cornering our nostrils Call me the tong that set disputes in fire Making justice rule and slaying wrength that is now a … More I Am Poetry