Broken Dreams

Living young, wild and free
Felt like a teen who needed nothing
Nevertheless, life had its unsolved puzzles ahead.
I was told for one to have the fame and keep the name
Education, Wealth and Affluence is the key
Instead, I fed on the plates of procrastination and drank from the cup of laziness.

As expected, I became a daydreamer
The more I got closer to my dream the more myopic it  becomes
Sadly, I discovered late the mystery of life
I was the key and at the same time, the lock
Finally, as a Prisoner of my own Captivity

I give my broken tales dream
One told with pains and regret.

Though broken but not yet destroyed
I choose to be the potter and mend my broken clay
Dreamchasers are not quitters
And if you still cling fast to the comfort of your sleep
I dare you
Create your dream and chase the good life you wish for.
Dreams do come through only if you believe.

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