TMO Conversations 3.0

TMO Conversations is here again! It is our online meet-up where we gather teenagers together to discuss vital topics. It is usually an intense, practical and fun-filled lecture. We specifically choose guests that are vast in the Teen Sector and have a professional experience in the topic given.

The first edition was held by Babs Michael on “Harnessing your Potentials for Excellence”. We learnt to say yes to our potentials and get the work done. No excuses.

The second edition was held by Chunu Tejiri Jerry on “How to Manage your Finances”. We learnt to differentiate Income from Expenses and were taught the basics on financial management.

The third edition, which is coming up on the 27th of this month will be held by Mmanti Umoh on “An Excellence Driven Teenager”. We really can’t wait to listen to her angle on what it means to be Excellence Driven.

About Mmanti Umoh

Mmanti Umoh
Mmanti Umoh

Board member, public policy professional and Management Consultant with broad experience across the government, intergovernmental and community sectors. Interests in social inclusion and civic engagement, not-for-profit governance, and social applications of new technology.

Mmanti serves on think tanks of governments, multinational organizations, and private sector institutions across Africa. She leads conversations on issues of economic development, holistic education transformations, and human capital investment. Working with key public, private, and social sector institutions to accelerate growth and development in Africa.

As part of her drive to empower teens and women’s perspectives into core development issues, she Founded the Professional & Entrepreneurial Women Network of Nigeria (PEWNN) and TEENNATION.

A Fellow of the United Kingdom Commonwealth Academy of Leadership & Management (CALM), Fellow Institute of Management Consultants, Fellow The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), she was named Emerging African Leader 2015 and 7 Star Worker in Nigeria 2016.

She is interested in leveraging leadership development and education to drive governance and enterprise development in youth.

She’s also the Founder of Teen Mentors Network Africa and Teen General Assembly.

TMO Conversations 3.0

To join this edition, simply click this link to lead you to the WhatsApp group:

Invite others to join too! We will be expecting.


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