Broken Dreams

Create your dream and chase the good life you wish for.
Dreams do come through only if you believe. … More Broken Dreams

How to Start your Dreams When you’re Scared

The fears that come with actualizing dreams are very real. It’s not as easy right now, compared to how it was when we were kids; when we could conveniently say: I will become this, I’ll love to get this or that, I hope to get this done by this time. We said these things with little or no fear at all. The fear of not getting those things was never an issue. Just somehow, we were sure of becoming that person. … More How to Start your Dreams When you’re Scared

In my Shadows

When I look into the mirror, all I can see are my imperfections, my shortcomings. It’s like anything I do is always wrong. Okay, I tried considering it. Maybe a little or a bit because my consideration always end up with “one day, I’ll grow and be better”. But I’m never better and ready. I keep making mistakes. … More In my Shadows