How to Start your Dreams When you’re Scared

The fears that come with actualizing dreams are very real. It’s not as easy right now, compared to how it was when we were kids; when we could conveniently say: I will become this, I’ll love to get this or that, I hope to get this done by this time. We said these things with little or no fear at all. The fear of not getting those things was never an issue. Just somehow, we were sure of becoming that person.

Alas! As we grew, several forms of fear began to look at us right in the face. The fear of failure crept in and we would tell ourselves “what if I decide to take that course and end up failing? Won’t they mock me?” “What if I begin that book? Won’t it become crap? Who is even gonna consider reading it? Ehn?”.

“It’s beautiful to become a doctor, I admire them, but it’s so tough! What if I spent the first 3 years in med school and not make my MB? Won’t that be too much humiliation to bear?” “What if I decide to start that blog? Will anyone even visit it?” “I know I am ready for a relationship and I think I have feelings for him, but what if I begin it and end up with a broken heart?”.

As kids, we never thought of the negativity that comes with beginning a task. We simply did it.

Babies for instance, try to make their first step without thinking of falling or even getting bruised in the process. They try and even after failing several times, the fact that they see humans walking, it propels them to try again! Why don’t we decide today to think like this baby?

Energy is much better spent thinking positively and imagining good outcome. Your imagination is a preview of coming attractions. So, why not decide to use it to create what you want instead of what you don’t want?

In any case, Try! If you succeed, fine. You’ll be glad you did. And if you don’t? Fine too! You have become a philosopher in that area. 

Success is not built on success. It is built on failures, frustration and sometimes catastrophe~ Sumner Redstone.

In all these, what’s the real gist? It is that failures are very real in the actualization of dreams. You are no different.

How then can one start his/her dreams even in the face of fear?

1. Break Them Into Smaller Bits

The English dictionary defines Dream as Hope or Wish. The question is this: can one hope or wish for something and get it done by mere wishing? Nah, right?

These hopes and wishes must first be represented by Goals. But, turning them into goals still is not enough because they might seem too huge and scary. How then do we make them less scary? Simple! Make them smaller! Break them into tiny bits (sub goals).

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For instance. One might say “I want to become a surgeon”. This sounded scary to me and like a mere wish too. To make it less scary and more attainable, one might want to list all it takes to become a surgeon. Thereafter, breaking those goals into much smaller bits.

Here, one won’t just think about med school and all, you break it further into

  • Being ready to give it all the hours it will take to study daily and succeed as a med student and getting good grades in continues assessments and exams.
  • Having mentors you could look up to.
  • Graduating from medical school and becoming a doctor.
  • Then the journey of becoming a surgeon can begin

When we break them into even more smaller bits than the instance above, it becomes less scary.

2. Get Inspired By Others

To be the best, you must learn from the best. This is where the place of a mentorship chips in. Get someone who has already broken grounds in that thing you dream of. Be humble enough to go to them and grow under them. It becomes less scary this way! Learn from their mistakes. Believe me, they’re willing to teach you. Grow under them and remain focused!

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3. The God Factor

Not everyone believes in him, I know. If you do, you are very safe. If you don’t, I don’t even know what to say.

Truth is, all the answers we are looking for is embedded in his word, which is of course at our reach. I do not know of any other spiritual force that works. Ask him bugging questions, he’s always willing to answer them. The only thing that kinda separate us from him is sin. Go down on bended knees, ask for his forgiveness and thank him for forgiving you.

Thereafter, ask him certain questions. Search through the light of his word! Honey, the answers are right there. I do not want to sound like a preacher here, but I bet you, if your ways are right with him, the actualization and bugging questions of those dreams are just at your finger tips.

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