What Are you Committed to?

Have you ever felt this sense of responsibility towards an activity so much that you put in your very best? Have you had that feeling of being fully dedicated to a course so much that you just wanted to deliver nothing but perfect?
Yes, that is what it means to be committed. When I checked up the meaning of the word in the dictionary, I got synonyms such as:

Allegiance, duty, loyalty, guarantee, must, obligation, oath.

 And these are deep words you know; they all entail the idea of being fully involved in whatever you do, giving it your best shot 100%, relentlessly being focused on it to achieve the goals set.

“Hardwork beats talent”, can’t remember where I heard that from, though. In the same vein, I could say that commitment births hard work. When a person is committed to a course, there is this burning desire and passion that it births. You just want to put in your 100% and you see 99% as mediocre. At times, someone who works hard could get tired of doing a particular thing if there is lack of commitment and passion, but when these two properties are present, the person would keep going despite all odds.

When I was in secondary school, I loved debating; in fact it was like my second nature. I remember this particular debate I had in SS2, I think the topic was “Technology has done more harm than good”, and I was on the supporting team. A  day before the debate, I met some adults around me and asked for points to use in establishing and defending my stance in the debate. I was that passionate and committed to debating that I made sure to almost always win any debate competition I  participated in (of course, I lost some competitions). Aside from having the talent to do something, there is a need to be passionate and committed to it. Passion would drive you to always do it and commitment would push you to giving your best at all times.

Passion is the driving force of a successful career.

So let me ask you, What are you passionate about? What are you committed to?

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