The Beautiful Thing About the Supernatural

When an act goes beyond natural or humanity, it is supernatural or divine. It is natural for evil to happen to people but God said evil will not happen to you (Psalm 12:21); this is supernatural. It is natural for a single to be lonely but for a single not to be and still doesn’t fornicate is supernatural and divine. It is natural for a poor man to lack bread but supernatural for him to be giving out bread. It is natural to think through with your mind and give advice yourself but is supernatural to hear the voice of God guiding you, teaching you, and directing you on what to do in all your ways.

When a pregnancy that should normally be delivered through an operation, going by natural and medical prescriptions, gets delivered without an operation we say it is supernatural and it is divine. When a lady that has been examined naturally and medically and told cannot conceive, gets pregnant and delivers her baby, we say it is supernatural and divine.

When a young man who normally fornicates, stops fornicating and starts living a holy life and following Christ, we say it is supernatural. When someone who could not afford university tuition or accommodation fee finally graduates, it is supernatural. It is natural for a thief to go to hell when killed but we say it is supernatural when the thief finds himself in heaven when killed after believing and accepting Christ just before the firing squad. When a beggar becomes a lender and a slave begins to ride on horseback through prayers and divine intervention, we say it is supernatural.

God does wonders (Exodus 15:11) and it is only natural for him to do the supernatural. Where God is, the supernatural happens (2Corinthians 3:17).

What He does is supernatural, His word is supernatural, everything about God is supernatural. He suspends natural laws and rules for His will and His people.

In Isaiah 35, God promises us the Supernatural

Verse 1-2: He said he will make our deserts (the dry and barren areas of our lives) to blossom as the rose and we will see His glory.

Verse 4-5: He will avenge for us and will come to save us. He will open the eyes of the blind (physical, spiritually, mentally, and financially blind) and the ears of the deaf shall hear.

In verse 6-7, he said the lame shall leap as a deer, and the tongue of the dumb sing, for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert (the spirit of God will be mightily poured out)

In Isaiah 35:8, conditions for the supernatural are clear and it is Holiness. Everyone that wants to experience supernatural must live a holy life, any unclean will not be able to pass the way of supernatural.

Below are some of the key instructions you must continue to obey to continually activate the supernatural

  1. Be born again
  2. Believe/have faith in God, His word and His prophets
  3. Maintain a supernatural prayer life
  4. Invite others to enjoy goodness of God
  5. Preach more about the word and promises of God
  6. Be Heaven conscious
  7. Be baptized in the Holy ghost and pray often in the Holy ghost
  8. Be joyful

You are destined to live a supernatural life; you have the supernatural divine nature of God.

Manifest the supernatural and your life will be full of His glory.

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