Praise for a Raise

The bible says Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing praises to God. And as they began to sing, the Lord set ambush against the vast army and they were defeated and annihilated (no one escaped). This story demonstrates the great victory that can be ours when we praise God. … More Praise for a Raise


Be a Radiant Youth

Why not today as a youth, learn early how to overcome every obstacle on your path by drawing closer to God and resisting every work of the flesh. Do this that the rest of the road might be far smoother and that you might shine as light come what may. But without walking worthy of the Lord, no man can overcome the challenges he battle with. … More Be a Radiant Youth


Hey butterfly… Tell me what makes you fly Do you even get high? And how many miles do you cover with your smile? Good morning in the vineyard In the cold it could be a shelter Enjoy the scents of its flower You’ve been to their ears before Several times I have mentioned you I … More Butterfly

Enlarge your Coast

When Jesus said to the twelve disciples, in response to their request in the book of Luke 9:13, “You feed them……”, He was not engaging in a foolish talk or making fun of them. He knew their capacity. He knew how endowed God had made them, though the disciples didn’t realize it because they refused to stretch their faith to accommodate the ability to feed nations. But we shall feed nations, because grace to do so is already imparted to us. … More Enlarge your Coast