Praise for a Raise

Praise is said to be derived from latin word “pretium” which means “price” or “value”. Thus, praising God can be defined as an act by which acknowledgement of the virtues and deeds of God are recognized and extolled.

Psalm 67:5-7 talks about the great blessings that will be ours when we praise God, it says the land will yield its harvest, so praising for a raise means when we praise God, he will lift us up, promotes us, and work wonders in and through our lives.

Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. God loves when the people who He created praise and worship Him. At this juncture, I would like to make a clarification.

Praising God for who He is, is known as adoration/worship. While praising God for what He does is known as thanksgiving/praises.

The praise of a man towards God is the means by which we express our joy and trust to the Lord. No matter what we might be going through, we should learn the habit of praising God. When things are going fine, we should praise Him and return all the glory back to Him. In the same vein, when we are going through rough times in our life and seems there is no hope, this is when we should praise Him the more. Praising God in times of trials show our faith in God and is an acknowledgement that God is bigger than any situation. It also shows that we have the victory. (Habakkuk 3:17)

2 Chronicles 20 tells us about the story when a vast army of three nations came to make war against Judah and the people together with Jehoshaphat the King sought the face of God for help. The Lord told them not to be afraid or discouraged for the battle is not theirs but of the Lord. That they would not have to fight at all but to stand firm and see the deliverance that God will give them.

The bible says Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing praises to God. And as they began to sing, the Lord set ambush against the vast army and they were defeated and annihilated (no one escaped). This story demonstrates the great victory that can be ours when we praise God.

We should know that, though we might express our praise though singing, dancing and any other external demonstration, it goes deeper than this.

All these physical expressions demonstrate an inner attitude of humility and total surrender to God. Praise is an open demonstration of the gratitude which is felt within. So we should have a grateful memory.

In conclusion, praising God should not be something we do occasionally, but it should be our lifestyle we should praise and bless Him in everything we do. Praise Him for the fact that you slept and woke up, for the clothes you wear, and the food you eat, Praise Him for He is God that healeth all our diseases. There is a lot to praising God for if we only think about His mercies, goodness and love.

When we make praise our lifestyle, then we will see God raising us up and fighting our battles and giving us victory in every area of our life.

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3 thoughts on “Praise for a Raise

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