You Have to Die to be Immortal

The stings of death stung me
I sat writhing in pain
I looked at the sky
Oh! A falling star!
What bad omen

Not again!
But this is different

My eyes discern
It illuminates light
And writes

You have to die to be immortal
Your mind has to die

To revive your heart
Your will, put to death
To resuscitate your life
Your feelings, shed

For your salvation
Just like a seed
Is buried and dies

The same way
You have to die to be immortal
Just like he said
“Your will not mine”

So you have to submit
To conquer death’s sting
Just like he chose the cross

You have got
To let the old man die

To become immortal
Is first to die

Being dead to sin
To gain righteousness

Unyielding to lust,
To get love
To get life
The old man has to die
For the new creature to arise
The mortal to die
Before immortality

You have to die to be immortal

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