Letting Go…

I used to be a jovial, free minded and caring fellow. But I noticed I was becoming more quiet, uninterested in discussions like I used to be and I even didn’t care for others like I did before. To worsen the situation, I began to lose my sleep, appetite and thinking. I wasn’t physically sick but I was deeply wounded emotionally and psychologically. My friends noticed but I was not ready to open up to them. More than anything, I suddenly began to enjoy loneliness. I was deeply hurt. I was hurt by what someone did to me. The more I tried to forget the issue, the more impossible it seemed.

Letting go was my major issue.

To make letting go possible and easy, you should go by these;

  • Ask God for help

When we say our Lord’s Prayer, there’s a part that encourages us to forgive others just as God has forgiving us Matt.6:12. To forgive is divine. You need God’s help to forgive.

And always remember that forgiveness is a command from God Himself to us.

  • Talk to the other party about it

Sometimes we are the only one feeling the other person had offended us. The other person might not even know this.

It important to politely call the attention of the other party; make them know how they have hurt you.

Do this with caution though to avoid escalating the whole issue. But if probably the other party isn’t someone you can approach directly, then you should make use of the third approach;

  • Forgive genuinely and totally

Let your forgiveness come from a genuine heart. Forgiving totally is forgiving without sentiment. Even when the other party does not feel sorry for their rough, forgive from a genuine heart. You should not wait for an apology before forgiving.

If they apologize, its fine and if they don’t, learn to just let it go.

  • Learn from your mistakes

As we live, we are bound to make mistakes. The mistake of yesterday is a lesson on how to live today. Take mistakes as part of your learning and growth process. Point out your own faults, improve on them and become a better person. It’s not a crime when the fault is from you.

All you need do is to apologize, learn from it and keep making your life peaceful and beautiful.

Letting go might not be easy but trust me, it’s worth it. You would have inner peace, sleep peacefully, eat correctly and live out who you are.

Letting go gives freedom. Don’t cage yourself by refusing to Let Go!!

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