How to Maximize Your Gifts/Talents

Recognizing your gifts is not so difficult. In fact, they are things that are closer to you than you can imagine. Your gifts are right by your side. You don’t have to climb the mountains to know them. We find it hard to recognize them because we chose to ignore their existence around us. Recognizing your gifts leads to a more satisfying life. … More How to Maximize Your Gifts/Talents

Teens Finance: Setting Priorities Right

Management of funds does not totally avoid you pleasure. It just helps to minimize wastage.

Knowing how to manage a huge sum of money starts with saving from the little you have now. Mismanagement of a large fund will be inevitable when an individual cannot handle a little amount. … More Teens Finance: Setting Priorities Right

Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is a sting. It keeps running deep into the emotions. Sometimes, the emotional pain can feel like physical pain. If rejection is this bad, how then can one deal with rejection?

Rejection is a chance to consider if there are things you need to work on. If you need more skill, learn it. If you need more experience, go for it. Keep developing yourself and you will get better. … More Dealing with Rejection