My Life, My Choice

Teenagers should be patient with decision making. Don’t rush to do what your friends are doing. Take time to ponder over it. A successful person will not be led by what others are doing but by what should be rightly done. … More My Life, My Choice


“Victories Do Not Come By Hesitating…”

Hesitations make us forgo wonderful things we would have achieved. Hesitations build unnecessary doubt and fear in us. Do not allow doubt and fears rob you of living the beyond life. You should believe in yourself to live a life that set standards for others, your contemporaries included. … More “Victories Do Not Come By Hesitating…”

Letting Go…

All you need do is to apologize, learn from it and keep making your life peaceful and beautiful.
Letting go might not be easy but trust me, it’s worth it. You would have inner peace, sleep peacefully, eat correctly and live out who you are. … More Letting Go…

Secret Regrets

Mostly, as teens there are things that happen to us now that could become a secret regret later in life. Those things could be the least of what we care about for now but later in life they are big deals. We should therefore try as much as we can to avoid them happening to us. We should be able to look back confidently at our teen years and have a big smile not regretting what we had done!!! … More Secret Regrets

My Unplanned Body Changes

My face and body seems to excite me more these days than ever before. I wanted to know how I look as each seconds pass. I’ve undergone and had to cope with numerous body changes such as pimples, dark spots and sometimes I feel too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short etc. I kept wishing I could look this way or that way. It kept interfering with the way I feel about my self-image. … More My Unplanned Body Changes