How Do You Set Your Priorities?

When you prioritize well, you walk with time. If you don’t get your priorities right, you will be fighting with time. You begin to fight with time when you are in a rush and it looks as though time is against you. Truthfully, time isn’t against you. Rather, you were the one who made the mistake of not befriending time and in turn, time became your enemy. … More How Do You Set Your Priorities?


Who and What Influences You?

Influence is so powerful. If you spend just a minute with someone, it could either make you a better person or make you feel worse than you were before meeting them. There is much to what we think our association does to us. You can become a better person when you have good influencers. … More Who and What Influences You?

Laying the Right Foundation as a Teen

Sometimes, a wrong choice can be amended but most times, they are irreversible. And even when choices are amended, the past is not erasable. Those that have trodden this path can tell you that it’s not as easy as it seems. Teenage years are serious years, you pay now and play later or you play now and pay later. The former is very much preferable. … More Laying the Right Foundation as a Teen

Becoming the Best

What would you describe as being the best? A lot of us make the mistake of evaluating and placing value on ourselves based on what other people have achieved. We try to compare our lives with that of someone else. When the admiration tends toward frustration rather than motivation, then you really need to check it. If you are honestly doing the best you can to achieve something, then you would have a personal satisfaction towards the work you have done. … More Becoming the Best

Addicted to Gambling?

One of the major addictions experienced by teenagers today is gambling. Gambling becomes an addiction gradually. It can have a lot of psychological, social and physical repercussions.

For many people, gambling is a harmless game of fun but it can become a problem when people can no longer stop doing it; an addiction. And it causes a negative impact on any area of an individual life. … More Addicted to Gambling?

My Object of Motivation

Irrespective of what you are motivated by, the desire to achieve your defined goals and become better at what you do is the principal thing.

Your driving force is to guide and keep you in line with your goals. It makes you want to do more even when things seem difficult. The question now is: What is your object of motivation? What drives you? What keeps you getting things done? … More My Object of Motivation