Do My Challenges Mean God is Absent?

The Reality of Life’s Challenges

It’s impossible to go through life without some kind of burden.

At some point in life, we go through trials. It’s somehow unavoidable because we live in a falling world. In reality, life is hard and our pain makes us feel rejected, heartbroken, ugly, and messy.

Challenges will always strive to isolate, hit and break you. Making you feel like you stink at life.

It’s hard to think, know and see that you are not getting an expected result.

Thinking about these things alone brings loneliness, discouragement, and distress. And when there is no positive news, you feel pressured and maybe heading towards depression.

Striking the balance between God and the challenges you go through could be a difficult task. Being a believer or not will not matter at moments like this. The way out of the crises is all you’ll want to think of. But, is God absent?

Is God Absent?

It’s easy to think and conclude that God is absent.

The situation indicates that He is absent.The reality is that He seems absent, but He’s not absent.

If you are a believer and are familiar with the story of the cross, Jesus Himself, cried out in agony “My Father My Father,Why have you forsaken me?”. Had The Father forsaken him? It seemed God had but He hadn’t.

The Reality of God’s Presence

Challenges will make you feel God is absent but your belief will make you feel God’s presence. The thought of God being absent is only an illusion. Don’t listen to it!

You either choose to live by an illusion or a reality. I bet you’ll live by a reality. The reality is that God is ever-present.

Your life is beautiful, don’t let challenges make a mess of it.

You have won!

The scripture will help you find God.

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How do you handle crises when it seems like God is absent?


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