Resiliency: Bouncing Back After a Setback

Goal-setting is a beautiful thing which brings structure and fosters focus in our lives but, sometimes the goals we set aren’t always achieved. They do not always come to fruition as soon as we expect them to and, most times, this is not as a result of internal factors like procrastination, laziness or complacency. It’s as a result of external factors beyond our control.

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There are certain risks that just can’t be calculated for enough, and as such, it is extremely vital for us to learn how to brace ourselves for the unexpected when it happens.

In this life, there would be detours, and they could come in big forms or small ones, but that does not mean that we have to give up on our goals or dreams altogether. We just need to get back up, move on and, maybe use a different route.

This is where the importance of being resilient comes in.

The most successful people in the world don’t reach the peak of their dreams because life is a smooth mountain. No. They win because they saw valleys and yet overcame them. Winning and bouncing back on your feet in spite of disappointments, crisis and setbacks, takes resilience. It takes great mental strength.

However, resilience isn’t just an inborn trait present in some and absent in others. It is a seedling capable of growing to full maturity. The few tips below would show you how:

1. Believe that you are more than capable of weathering the storm

Where there is a will, there is always a way. Holding on to negativity, as simple as it is to do, during a crisis will only add flame to the fire. Be positive. Believe in your ability to overcome the situation and you will.

2. Adapt to Change

When unexpected things happen, life tends to throw us off course and, usually, we fight so hard to get back on the same track that we were on initially but this isn’t always possible. In order to build up resilience, you need to learn to adapt to the new environment created. You need to surrender to change and tell it that you would make the best use of it.

3. Take a look at the bigger picture

The most assuring insight you could take with you today is the fact that no storm lasts forever. That cloud will pass. Yes, undoubtedly, huge storms leave wounds but those wounds will heal with time. There is dawn after every dusk. So take a look at the bigger picture and see the little light at the end of the tunnel seeping through.

Eventually, everything will be fine as long as you are capable of salvaging lessons from every setback. Have the i-am-not-a-loser mentality. Let your new mantra be, in this life, I can’t lose, I either win or learn and that’s just it. Period.

4.God is in control

Situations can be very overwhelming but during such seasons we have a supreme being to turn to.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 NIV

That is just what we have to do. Even in the midst of a raging storm, God can grant us peace which surpasses all human understanding. That’s how much of a good father he is.

5. A good support system is essential

We are interdependent as human beings. You need me and I need you. Anyone who takes pride in one’s self and claims that they do not need anybody are unfortunately living a lie.

Sometimes, You need a reservoir of strength beyond yourself.

You need a brother or sister to lean on and here is where the importance of having a good support system comes in. This support system could be your pastor, your mother, a sibling, or a close friend. It could be anyone willing enough to lend you a helping hand in your time of need.

This might not be a magic solution to solving the problem at hand but it serves as an outlet for releasing bottled up emotions which if only kept to yourself might lead you down a part of depression. That feeling of knowing you are not alone in your struggles goes a long way, psychologically.

This race called life is not for the swift but for the ones who endure and endure to the end. Without resilience, we would only find ourselves making excuses for our failures time and again without much progress.

I hope what you just read has been helpful. Choose to rise above, because you can.

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