11 Habits of Highly Successful Teens

Every human being on planet earth desires to be successful but the reason why so many people fail to see this desire actualized is that they fail to back up the desire with action. Success is a lifestyle based on intentionality, not fantasies. The good news, however, is that anybody can be intentional, you simply have to put your mind to it. Below is a list of habits which almost every successful teen has cultivated. Well, guess what, you could fall into that same circle too. All you’ve got to do is to learn and apply.

1. Be Goal Oriented

It is one thing to set goals and another to fulfill them. Goal oriented people don’t just write goals in bulk. They divide them into bits, to make them more achievable.
It’s like telling yourself “Hey I want to top my class this academic year”. Well, if that is the only goal you ever set then that dream probably might never be fulfilled. What a successful person would do is to set smaller goals as a support system for the bigger one.

So you could do something like this, “Since I want to excel academically, I, first of all, would have to create a study timetable suitable to my current schedule, attend lectures consistently, ask questions in class when I don’t understand something and study as often as possible”.

Following such a routine will certainly lead you towards your goal because it is even more rewarding knowing that you will be able to give yourself a tap on the back every step of the way. So, every time you set a goal, create smaller goals as well.

2. Learn to Say No

We live in a world that has ironically substituted busyness for productivity. Getting your hands on deck on a whole lot of different things doesn’t automatically make you successful. As such you need to learn the art of saying no to distractions and activities that are not necessarily in line with your goals and purpose. Direct your energy towards the things that matter the most.

3. Be Consistent

Growing up, I had always admired students who would burn the midnight oil for five to eight hours straight before an exam and surprisingly enough end up with below average results. There was a logic they always missed. The logic that less is more. It’s not necessarily about how long you spend doing a task but it is about how effectively the task at hand is done. This is where the principle of consistency comes in. Consistency is not about going overboard. It is about taking baby steps as often as possible towards the desired goal. This is where true effectiveness lies.

It doesn’t matter how long you spend doing a task, what really matters is how consistent you are at doing it every day. Let consistency be a part of you today.

4. Express Gratitude

There is nothing more gratifying than living a life of gratitude. Gratitude to God, to people and to circumstances that have molded you into the great person you’ve become. Highly successful people know the power of being grateful and as such they know when to take a break from their ambitions and simply be thankful for what it is that they already have. If you don’t remember anything else, remember this, you may not necessarily be where you want to be but at least you are not where you used to be. And this right here is one reason to be grateful.

5. Minimise Distractions

As much as you would want to create to-do lists, it will be in your best interest to also create to-not-do lists. Yeah, I know, the latter is a new word I recently added to my self-created dictionary. On a serious note though, I see so many people falling into the situation of not fulfilling their goals simply because they allowed too much television and social media to consume their time away. Now, cutting these things off completely is unreasonable and hard.

So, all you’ve got to do is to minimize them in such a way that they won’t hinder you from working on your priorities. At the end of the day, it will always be worth the sacrifice.

6. Practice the Art of De-Stress

“I am Mr/Miss perfect, I work very hard every day to achieve my goals. I never get tired or exhausted. I am truly amazing.”
This right here is a lie that you should never ever believe. Everybody gets tired and uninspired along their journey and this fact is just fine. There is no need to beat yourself up unnecessarily. The good thing is that you can always take a step back and unwind from all the hard work. This is called the art of de-stressing. It is a place of rejuvenation to gain motivation in order to become productive again. You could spend it pampering yourself, taking yourself out, practicing self-love and self-care or reading books on your favorite subjects. Whatever the case may be. Chill. It’s good for you sometimes.

7. Plan your Day from the Night Before

A successful life comes as a result of successful days and successful days come as a result of successful plans created the night before a new day starts. An easy formula to grasp, right? I believe that this explains itself quite enough.

8. Surround yourself Around Positive People

As we all know, no man is an island. Your journey of success is no exception. So, for your information, no successful person rides solo. As such, you will need to cultivate the habit of surrounding yourself around the right kind of people. People who would radiate positive energy towards you. Keep you accountable and bring out the best in you. Find yourself a good support system. For this, you don’t need a dozen people. Two or three people committed to your well being and growth will do just fine.

9. Exercise

Your body is your building. It is the foundation that supports and fuels the activities you run so why not take care of it as much as possible through exercise. Undoubtedly, exercise has major positive effects. It stimulates productivity and boosts energy and endurance. Unfortunately, the typical African mind is ignorant of this so they often dismiss it as unimportant and trivial. Please don’t fall into the same trap. Exercise can be done for the sake of fitness and not just weight loss, so give it a try.

10. Grow your Mind

This could be done mainly by reading books, watching YouTube videos, exposing yourself to other peoples perspective by being humble enough to listen. Whatever the case may be, let your goal be wisdom and knowledge over mere entertainment. Research makes me know that Bill Gates reads fifty books a year. And you wonder why he’s so rich and successful? Well, the answer is quite obvious.

I believe that everyone is supposed to be a student for life. We can never run out of skills or knowledge to learn. So, keep growing mentally. Invest in yourself.

11. Start and End your Day with Meditation

Last but not the least. The power of meditation cannot be overemphasized. It is extremely important to create time for God and his word as often as possible. He is the one who would make you truly successful anyway so why not hold him close for inspiration, wisdom, and divine guidance. This will make all the difference.

So, finally, if you’ve read up to this point. Congratulations!

These, however, are not all the habits successful people do but they are the major ones practiced. So, I hope it’s been helpful enough to boost you on your own success journey. Life is way too short to not be intentional about it, so live it successfully.

Are there any other habits you’ll like to add? Feel free to share in the comments below.
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