How to Hit Your Goals as a Teenager

Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals~ Jim rohn

The business dictionary defines goals as an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.

Goals are crucial parts of any life that aims to make a height, achieve a thing or get a hold of success. If you ever dream of success, be sure it’ll remain a mere dream without an adequate goals setting.

As much as setting goals is imperative, nailing every bit of those goals is much more fulfilling and important.

Don’t be a wishful dreamer by setting tons of goals, be an active dreamer by working your sweats to achieving those goals. Life doesn’t celebrate goal setters, it does celebrate goal achievers.

How many times Christiano Ronaldo planned to score goals don’t count as much as the times he actually scored the goals.
Your goals have to be evident by the virtue of the success you make out of them, it doesn’t just happen though, there are a handful of works to do before you can come to hit your goals.

Four Tips on How You Can Hit Your Goals

1. Turn your cants to cans

Often times, the limits we place on ourselves are the major obstacles in our way to hitting our goals. Who told you you can’t pass your exams at a sitting? Who told you it’s impossible to graduate with an upper credit? Who told you you can’t become the president? Who told you you can’t do whatever good thing you plan to do? People can tell you that you can’t, but this doesn’t matter until you start believing you really can’t.

If you think you can, you are right. If you think you can’t, you’re also very right.
Truth is just that, you will never rise above the capacity of your mind.

The “I can’t” mentality wouldn’t get you hitting your goals, you’d just keep lingering back and forth in a mental prison.
To hit your goals, you must evacuate the I can’t mentality, and key into the I can mentality and when you believe you can, you would.

2. Stop dreaming; start working

Let me tell you something. You can’t find a person who doesn’t have a dream or goals in life. Everyone admires Bill Gates as the world richest, but not all understand that he moved from dreaming to working before he hit his goals. Fine, it is good to have dreams, but if you’re too overwhelmed by the brilliance of your dreams, you will keep fantasizing till your life comes to an end. We don’t actually care so much about your dreams, we care more about the realization of those dreams. All I’m saying here is work! Don’t fold your hands expecting manna to fall from the sky, it won’t. You work to hit your goals, Yes! Go out and do your best. Work is what distinguishes achievers from dreamers. The world is for the achievers, not really the dreamers.

3. Be ready to pay the price

No prize comes without a price. No beauty without ashes. Nothing good in life comes to anyone on a silver platter. The beginning may not be fine, you need to push. You need to see every pain as a price you’ve to pay and when your eyes are always affixed to the goals, everything will worth it in the long run. They’ll pay off. The reading, the sleepless nights, the rejection, all the hustle and bustle, everything would pay off at the right time, as long as your eyes remain on the goals

4. Begin to see yourself achieving those goals

Brian Tracy in one of his book says “Once you can see yourself doing it, nothing will stop you from doing it” and this is very true. It has worked for me. If your goal is getting a medical degree, start seeing yourself in a white coat with a stethoscope around your collar, see yourself being called a doctor, see yourself performing a surgery, see yourself making a despaired woman smile. You know why? Mental pictures are powerful weapons of life, and psychology says whatever you keep seeing would eventually get to the reality.
See yourself at the University of your choice, receiving lectures in your desired faculty and department. When you do this, happenings around you will be modified in alignment with your mental activities.

This is a step at a time; it is faith, and it works.

Go out of your way and show the world you’re capable!

See you at the top!

Do you think I missed out on other important tips? Feel free to share with me in the comments below.
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