Score Good Grades Like Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Goals

You fail.
Your grades are poor.
You read all-night, you drink coffee every night to stay awake.
You hate seeing your “not to good” results.

Will you continue to feel bad?

A teacher asks to see you.
He talks to you about your results. He accuses you of losing focus.
You are distracted. You are no longer reading but feeding your eyes with video games and films. That’s what he said.

You walk home with your friends laughing at you.
They don’t understand how you feel.
Your parents ask for your results after dinner.
Your mum fed you well. Your dad allowed you to watch your favourite film. Later at night, in the dark, you are thoroughly whipped.
You cry yourself to sleep.

Sometimes, you complain about how poor your parents treat you. You ask yourself what keeps you from focusing.
You wonder what you can do to keep yourself on your toes.
You know you relax or grow weary at reading.
You hope someone can motivate you to do more.

A Striker’s Worry on Goal scoring

Cristiano Ronaldo was facing a goal drought in the last three months of 2017. He couldn’t find the net.

His shots were missing the target. Some went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands. Some over the bar. Freekicks, that used to go into the net, hit the bar.

He scored goals through penalties.

He was having a hard time. A Striker’s role in a team is to score goals. He was failing at that.

Journalists and media persons wrote about him. Some said, he was losing focus. Some said, his age was a disadvantage.

Fans booed him as soon as he touched the ball. They whistled and threw objects at him whenever the team lost.

His team mates were upset. Quarrels sprang up within the team. Some asked the coach, why he was playing when he was not scoring?

Does this connect to a fibre in your heart?

You have failed. You have found it hard to score goals.
You don’t know what to do next.
You find it hard to be motivated.

Here are five people who can keep you on your toes as you look to score goals.

1. Your Coach

Who is your coach? Who is that fatherly/motherly figure that puts you through your mistakes?

Is it your parent or your teacher?

You need someone who can help you come up with strategies.

But why do you need a Coach? Here are a few reasons:

  • He feeds you with his experience.
  • He shows you pitfalls and guides you out of your mistakes.
  • He warns you when you go wrong and orders you to come back.
  • He applauds you when you achieve your goals.
  • He connects you to better team mates.

Look for a coach today. It is beneficial to you and your coach.

You need his tactical experience.

A Coach has a job because he has a team to manage.

That’s the way your Coach is. His relevance to you depends on how well he manages you.

If all he does is to waste your time and bury your God-given talents, stop him on time.

You need a coach like a sheep needs a Shepherd.

Choose your Coach well and He will keep you on your toes.

2. Your Team Mates

Cristiano Ronaldo is not complete without his team mates.

He needs them to supply him with passes, lobs and crosses.

He needs them to celebrate with him. Check out videos in which he celebrates scoring goals. He exchanges handshakes and dancing styles with his team mates.

That’s exactly why you need Friends and classmates. You need people who help move you forward. You need people who supply you with books to read and past questions to go through.

You need study groups to keep you on your toes.

You set goals and achieve them. Celebrate them with friends not alone.

More importantly, pick team mates who push you to do more and exceed your limits.

3. Your Fans

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo without his fans? They clap when he scores. They give him a standing ovation when he gives his best.

They whistle at him when he is having difficulties. They boo him when he messes up.

They are those who shift ground easily.

So who are your fans? Your classmates, your friends and strangers. Those who applaud you when things are smooth and boo you when things are bad.

Gain momentum from their criticism. Never mind if it is positive or negative, just learn lessons from them.

Some of them wish to have what you do have. Some of them love you but are easily influenced by what others say.

Never blame them but never keep them close. You might feel betrayed when they laugh at you because they will.

Build from whatever they throw at you, bricks or stones.

4. Your Rivals

Lionel Messi is a famous player just as Cristiano Ronaldo is. He has won awards and broken football records.

He keeps Cristiano Ronaldo on his toes. Whenever Ronaldo flops, he is there to mount the stage.

That’s exactly what your rivals offer— competition to keep you on your toes.

Who are your rivals? Your classmates. Those you meet at competitions. Those you compete with for scholarships.

So you need to accept the fact, there will always be rivals.

You only need to accept their challenge. Prove to be better not to bruise their self-esteem but to prove to yourself that you can do more.

5. You

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest foe?
Who is his greatest friend?

He pushes himself to do more. He exercises, eats well, sleeps well and lots more.

He does it to make himself his best friend.

Who do you see in a mirror? You.

You see yourself clearly. You need to challenge yourself to be better each day than the day before.
You should not succumb to relaxing. Being the best is a reward for yourself.

A Parting Note

After carefully selecting:

  • A Coach
  • Team Mates
  • Fans
  • Rivals
  • You to keep you on your toes.

You must make a choice.

You must decide to say a Yes to staying on your toes.

There should be no time for relaxing. You must be prepared to work your butt off.

There is no point having people keeping you on your toes if you do not utilize what they offer.

They offer you a chance to be better.

Grab it and make yourself better.

And never let a day pass without getting better.

Who do you think are your five key motivators?
Or do you think someone should be added to the list?

I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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