Demand The Best From Yourself

What do you need to succeed? The right mindset? Consistency? Hard work? Patience? Obstacles? You have them at your fingertips. A friend once told me, anytime you procrastinate, there’s a still voice begging you to put in the work. Over time, it grows silent. … More Demand The Best From Yourself


He Beats Me, So What? Love Conquers All?

A single woman who breathes is worth more than one who is married but goes to the grave a few months after. Reclaim your life. Go out with friends and shout on top of your lungs at mountaintops. Live and love. … More He Beats Me, So What? Love Conquers All?

A Letter to Abba

I am writing this letter to at least lay bare my heart and that of so many who have wandered away from your presence. You said in your word that you stand at the door of our hearts knocking but are you still at my door? Because every day, I wake up to the knock at the door only to see Jehovah Witnesses clutching their bibles and putting on their best smiles … More A Letter to Abba