10 Daily Rituals Teenagers Need to Perform If They Want to “Blow”

Every day, we wake up, pick up our phones to continue where we stopped the night before on Social Media. We worry about being unknown or living a life that no one cares about. We anticipate success. Sadly, our daily activities are the opposite of what successful people do.

In a world filled with hate, anger, procrastination and busyness, having daily rituals that instil peace, joy, happiness and growth in you is key to success. Better still, they put you on a path of Celebrity status.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement. These everyday rituals are geared at self-mastery. Since success on the outside begins with success on the inside, Self-mastery, which is the DNA of Life Mastery, is key to kaizen.

Here are ten tested rituals that guarantee starting your day well, ending your day with little or no regrets and living your life well, beginning as a teenager.

1. Ritual of Solitude

Solitude, as the dictionary defines, is the state of being alone. This is needed in a world of “following the crowd”. Set apart time to be silent and renew your inner self. This works best when practised at the same time every day. Also, communicate with nature daily by simply walking through an orchard or smelling a bouquet of flowers.

2. Ritual of Physicality

As you endeavour to train your mind, also train your body. Your body is the container that houses you. So, develop it while you develop your mind, spirit and soul. Imagine using an Itel phone with an iPhone battery, one would collapse while the other keeps working and that’s if they can work in unity. Exercise for fifteen minutes, three days a week, and witness the change your body undergoes.

3. Ritual of Nourishment

Eat healthily, stay healthy. Watch what goes through your mouth. Don’t live on junk food, always jumping from burger to pizza without restraint. It is not good for your body and a healthy body houses a healthy mind, spirit and soul. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Remember to drink more than enough water each day.

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4. Ritual of Abundant Knowledge

“A reader is a leader”, the Sages say. Recently, I came across a tweet by @chude that said, “Centuries from now, our children – having video – will hear about this generation insisting that reading is the most important thing in the world, and they will wonder what we were all about. Because we insist on ascribing to books that which can only be ascribed to the knowledge inside the books.” That means It is not what you will get out of the book that is so enriching, it is what the knowledge in the book gets out of you that will ultimately change your life. Read. In traffic jams, read. On queues, read.

5. Ritual of Personal Reflection

Reflect on each day used, on what you did right and did wrong. Think about why you did what was wrong and how you can stop yourself from falling into that trap ever again. Ask yourself why you did the right thing. Was it too simple? Think for a few minutes each day and be amazed at your increased efficiency.

6. Ritual of Early Rising

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, I have heard. Wake up, exercise, be silent, read a book, plan your day effectively. The first few days won’t be easy, but it would be worth it. What matters more is the quality, not the quantity of sleep. So, sleep well, and if you love eight hours, sleep earlier. It is better that way.

7. Ritual of Music

Songs have a way of digging into our buried emotions. Sometimes, they are needed to celebrate, and other times, for reflection. Listen to music every now and then. It boosts your confidence and makes you happier, provided you are listening to the right songs.

8. Ritual of the Spoken Word

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”, The Bible says. If you want to watch what you say, watch what you feed your heart with. And a way of feeding your heart with the right thoughts is to speak your imagination into existence. Try saying, “Everyday, in every way, I get better and better.” It’s cool, right? Pick positive words and say them out loud.

9. Ritual of a Congruent Character

Live a life worthy of emulation. Every month, commit to developing one of these critical parts of your character. Compassion, humility, patience, honesty and courage will suffice.

10. Ritual of Simplicity

A happy life is a simple life. Delete old pictures, remove unused shoes from your room, give out past questions if not needed. Stop congesting yourself with a lot of deadlines. Let go of your phone maybe once a week. Try it out and see how free you feel to go about doing your activities without any pressure.

In Conclusion

Pick one ritual for a month. Focus on doing it every day till it becomes a habit. Science has corrected itself that it takes, rather than 21 days, 66 days to install a new habit.

Simplify the process. Read a book today and apply because knowledge is potential power.

Applied Knowledge is real power.

Read more on this in “The Secrets of The Monk That Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma.

PS: Ritual of Questioning is an additional ritual. Always ask questions and question answers. Why not start with a comment below?

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