The Cost of Familiarity

Yes, you’ve seen these people at their best and worst moments: you’ve seen them laugh and cry. You’ve seen them pull of their shirts when there’s heat. You’ve seen them confused. Maybe you’ve even seen them snore or fart!
But you should learn to ignore their weakness/humanity. Learn to respect their ingenuity, strengths, and wisdom. Learn to submit to them and get things solved.
That solution or improvement you desire in your career, relationship, spiritual growth, attitude, behavior/habit and so on may just be around you. That friend of yours whom you laugh together all the time may have the solution. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may know the way out. That lady/guy who is younger than you may know just what you need. … More The Cost of Familiarity


Apply for Top Teens Educational Boot-Camp

The Top Teen’s Educational Boot-camp is an Initiative of Top Teens Nigeria. The Flagship of the program tagged “The Science of Self-Esteem”, Sponsored by The Pollination Project is a 2-Day Educational Boot-camp created to address the issues of low self-esteem, teenage pregnancies and access to STEM education among girls in Ughelli by helping girls build … More Apply for Top Teens Educational Boot-Camp

10 Daily Rituals Teenagers Need to Perform If They Want to “Blow”

In a world filled with hate, anger, procrastination and busyness, having daily rituals that instill peace, joy, happiness and growth in you is key to success. Better still, they put you on a path of Celebrity status. Here are ten tested rituals that guarantee starting your day well, ending your day with little or no regrets and living your life well, beginning as a teenager. … More 10 Daily Rituals Teenagers Need to Perform If They Want to “Blow”

Teenage Parents

Hold on! Do not mind the topic, just read on. There is really no definite manual for parenting, no clearly stated book of rules. Even if there was, it sure cannot apply to every child. Parenting sure is harder than rocket science and it is a bigger deal than we teenagers are willing to accept. … More Teenage Parents