Teenage Parents


Hold on! Do not mind the topic, just read on.

There is really no definite manual for parenting, no clearly stated book of rules. Even if there was, it sure cannot apply to every child. Parenting sure is harder than rocket science and it is a bigger deal than we teenagers are willing to accept. We are all bound to make mistakes as humans and being a parent does not change that fact. Parents have feelings and their own personal struggles. They have dreams (lost and newly found) and goals too. They have needs and they also need rest. They are humans we look up to as perfect super heroes. The pressure of that alone is enough to paralyse but still, they stand because they have to be strong for us. It is true that some parents have it more figured out than others, we all have to deal with what we have. I believe it is our cross to bear and I believe we have to carry it to the best of our ability no matter how difficult it seems and it is.
I could go on and on about parenting and it is not like I know a lot but at this very time for this article, I want to focus on the teenagers whose parents have given them a free hand to live their life the way they want. I want to focus on teenagers who have taken the ruling hand or have had it taken away by life.


There is a statement my Agricultural Science teacher made in class one day. I do not know if any of my other classmates remember but I have held it close to my heart and I recite it to myself when I am tempted to act out. She told us that her Dad said to her and her siblings one time they misbehaved that ‘it is a child who trains himself’.

This saying carries so much weight to me. It simply means that you are responsible for yourself. Whenever you are tempted to do something you know is wrong but was not clearly stated as a rule by your parents, remember that you are the one training yourself. It makes a lot of sense to me because believe it or not, everyone has struggles and in the nearest future, no one is going to listen to your excuse, people will see you for who you are at the moment and they will hold you responsible for what and who they see.
Strive hard to see that you be the best parent to yourself. See that you be your own trainer and be the best.
The ball has always and is still in your court.
Play well.


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