“He said he was feeling pain in his stomach that the doctor said he might die if he didn’t have sex”- Anonymous

Growing up as a pastor seed demanded a lot from me, I had to be the best to make daddy proud. I grew up as a church worker but I never knew the God I was working for. Attended children and teens church, memorized the manuals and yes, daddy and everyone in church was proud of me.

I was always an executive in anywhere I found myself at church so I believed it was all about the service until dad died. That was when I knew what life is all about.

Finished my secondary education at 15, 2009 precisely, a year before my dad died and I had to write jamb on the day of his service of songs. Although my result was fine, there was no support for my education so I went back to Senior Secondary school 3, changed course and graduated for the second time in 2011

Then my sis started working so I got admitted into the polytechnic. Met my first boyfriend at school though he was in his final year at the University but we met and love set in or should I say lust set in? We made out and promised not to have sex since that’s what mum says but one fateful day, I received his call and he was weeping. I rushed down to his place and saw him crying. He told me his brother had just passed away, so I had to console him and he said he was feeling pain in his stomach that the doctor said he might die if he didn’t have sex. I eventually gave in; I still laugh at how stupid I was though.

His mum was a Christian and also his brother but I never knew he was a Muslim and since he attended all programs in our church,I just assumed that he was a Christian.

The very month I was defiled, we had a national teens retreat and I had to attend as an executive of our teens church and that was how I met a  friend like a father; our national teens president during the prayer section just gave me a note to see him. He told me there was a purpose for my being there and asked if I was born again. I told him I grew up in church all my life so I am and he asked how I encountered Jesus but I had nothing to say.

I narrated everything that happened and he led me to Christ.

During our trip back, I was feeling sick and his call came in. I wanted to break up with him through the phone but decided to do it in his presence; I told him how I felt. He said we needed to see when I get back cause I might be pregnant. I was shocked and sad through out the journey.

I came back and did what he asked me to do (gave him my urine sample). He confirmed his suspicion and I was more scared of what my mom and everyone would think and do but I confided in my sis and our national teens president. He told me to trust God and not think much about it.

I got my boyfriend’s call saying that we needed to discuss about it so I went to him. Getting there he was so caring and he agreed that we keep the baby.

He brought out fruits that I should take them  but I refused and later agreed that I would take it at home. I got home, took the fruit and slept.

I woke up in pain and my sister took me to the hospital. The pregnancy was aborted and till today I don’t still understand how. I called him and he told me he was sorry for that and I should forgive him.

He said he wasn’t ready for responsibilities and he knows my parents would never accept him and that was when he told me that he’s a Muslim. I  was so devastated and my sister wanted to sue him but I begged her to let it go cause I didn’t want any problem.

I narrated everything to Bro Elijah (our president then and he asked me to also forgive him

I did and I’ve, ever since, lived grateful to God though I regret the past but I love myself. I love God for being there for me and I am grateful to everyone that went through that path with me

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