Labe Orun | by Oluwatosin Omolale

I remember vividly that experience that turned me into an obedient growing child.
For those born in the 90’s and early 20’s in Nigeria, we should know “LABEORUN” which means “UNDER HEAVEN”, right? That 1 hour show that scares the living day out of a new born and makes it start talking immediately.

It was a cold Sunday evening, I already had dinner. As usual, I was in the sitting room with my complete family when the show came on. My siblings dashed to bed, but being a strong girl, I wanted to prove everyone wrong by sitting in the sofa to stare at the very old presenter of  LABEORUN without blinking an eye.

I loved being carried to bed, but this time I had to be strong for myself and my victory. I tried to keep my eyes open but sleep kept prevailing. I opened my eyes after something hit me really hard, it took me time to understand that my father had just dealt me the African Parent rod… not just one, but two. Abara and Iladi .

Abara comes like a thunderstorm on someone’s back. This one can make you remember what you did last 4 years. It also gives someone stretch marks on the back…. I hate this one ehn! But Iladi is more preferable, only that it will make your brain start mixing. It made me believe I had rainbow colours on my bumbum.

I had just been given Abara on my bumbum which made it an Abara idi as I quickly jumped to ask what my offence was, all I heard was “go inside and sleep, don’t bed wet on my chair”. First, that was an insult on my age. How would a 7 year old girl bed wet? Daddy,I won’t take that from you. I was already raising my voice but then I said that in my head so no one would hear except me. So how did daddy expect me to walk inside alone after seeing the first half of this Labeorun of a show… Really!

I was chased to the room but trust me when I say I wouldn’t accept defeat . I creped under the dining table, pushed two chairs aside and slept on the dining rug…Good idea!

I don’t remember how daddy spotted me. I just heard footsteps and saw two big toes in front of Me…
BUSTED!!! I can’t remember how I got up, but somehow I found myself in the air. I saw big eyes in front of me, oh Jesus! I didn’t expect what happened next. He carried me to my room, still in the air, and dropped me on my bed. Then he turned off ceiling fan…what! New punishment?!

I saw daddy pick mum’s scarf. I felt his hands on my legs; my legs on the fan. I felt tears drop; I felt the fan roll; I felt death near. I was tied to a fan that was going in an anti clock wise motion. This continued for 5 mins.

“Daddy please help me. My eyes! My brain! The room; rounding rounding!”

“You won’t ever disobey me right?” he asked

“I won’t, dad…I wont”

I suddenly felt a relieve in my body, brain and legs. I had just been dropped from the fan; I saw dad hold his evil accomplice, the scarf. He walked out of my room, smiling.

Nice story, right? It helped balance my brain which made me impose a curfew on my self, I started eating dinner by 6pm and go to bed by 7pm. I became really responsible.

Truly, these things happen under heaven.

About the Writer

Oluwatosin Omalale

I am Oluwatosin Omolale, 15years old. A student of Adebayo Mokuolu college, I currently reside at Unity Estate, Ojodu Lagos. I’M the 2nd born in a family of 6. I love dancing, singing, riding bicycle, reading, sleeping, eating and fashion. I model once in two blue moons.

I hate rough boys, cheats, liers and animals. Black is my very best. I aspire to be a journalist and fashion designer

I have a Twinnie

I love God.

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