Additional Saving Tips For the Year

Your book should have the following:

1. Why you want to save
2. The amount you want to save
3. The platform you will save on
4. What part savings will take in your future budget.

Saving is culture. Saving is discipline. … More Additional Saving Tips For the Year

Making the Most of Family Occasions

Except you are trying to freeze time, put that device down. Do not forget to talk about how much you have missed everyone. Remember the hug you wish you could give your mum when you last talked with her over the phone, go ahead and give her a warm hug. Be there, in those rare moments, be there. … More Making the Most of Family Occasions

Who Do you Follow on Social Media? 

Research has shown that the average teenager around the world spends not less than two hours using social media daily. You in particular know that you spend more than two hours daily. You see, one of the feature of social media is that it is user generated i.e the users are the ones who generate content.  Once you follow a certain person, you cease to control what pops up in your feed. The only decision you have to make is who you follow… … More Who Do you Follow on Social Media? 

No Excuses Allowed!

We might be the kind of people telling someone else in a higher than normal pitch that do they think they are better than we are. We then proceed to determine in our minds that we will ‘show them’. We might be the ones in a very obvious competition with someone else, constantly trying to … More No Excuses Allowed!

Teenage Parents

Hold on! Do not mind the topic, just read on. There is really no definite manual for parenting, no clearly stated book of rules. Even if there was, it sure cannot apply to every child. Parenting sure is harder than rocket science and it is a bigger deal than we teenagers are willing to accept. … More Teenage Parents