How to Organize Your Day

Many times, people say they would hate to have a routine kind of lifestyle. It is understandable because routine is usually associated with a lack of excitement and no one wants to live a boring life. On the other hand, some people cannot handle spontaneity. There is no good or bad, only different. Whichever group you belong to, if you’re going to have an organized day, you’ll need structure.

Here are some tips to help you have an organized day.

TIP 1: Establish your daily routine

You can learn how to organize your daily routine. Almost everyone has one without even knowing. It might not run for the entire day but there are particular activities you tend to do every day. Examples of such include brushing your teeth and having your bath (We’re practicing personal hygiene this year). It can also include praying and studying the Bible, having a workout session, or a podcast listening session. It might be all of these things or some of these things for you. See, routines do not sound so bad anymore. Your daily routine is yours to create. Write down those things you have to do daily and arrange them in the order you’ll like to do them. You can also use your daily routine to accomplish your goals. Say you have intentions of learning French, you can study it for 20 minutes every day.

TIP 2: Allocate time to these activities

For your daily activities, think carefully about how long it would take you to complete each. You must be reasonable with the timing. Remember, you’re not Flash so it will most likely take you more than 2 minutes to have your bath. Organization and messy timing will never be friends.

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TIP 3: Choose a platform to organize your activities

In this internet age, you most likely spend more time on your phone than anywhere else. It makes sense to have your daily task planner there too. There are plenty of apps that can help you organize your schedule and make to-do lists. You can browse the app store, install and try a few to see which works best for you. If you think having a physical note instead would be better for you, by all means, use one.

TIP 4: Write in your planner

A big enemy of being organized is forgetting what you intend to do. Make sure to write in your planner as often as possible. It is advisable to plan your day the night before or make it the first thing you do in the morning. Having a planner helps you stay on top of your game and keeps track of how you spent your time.

You will never have to ask yourself where all the time went because you have a record of what you were doing. You end the day with your checkboxes ticked and know that you had a productive day.

Being organized requires a little bit of work but it is worth it. While planning your day, try to give room for unforeseen circumstances – leave one or two hours free. Remember, having an organized day is in you taking charge of the direction of your day.

Do you organize each day or you just go with the flow? Which are you? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments. And share with others!


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