How to Create a Great Daily Routine

Adesua is a final year high school student who dreams to make it to the best university in the country, study law, become a hotshot lawyer and entrepreneur and of course make the society proud. As much as she is a dreamer of everything beautiful, she’s many miles away from having a total grasp of what happens to her 24 hours everyday. Are her dreams great? Yes. Would her passivity to how she spends each day be a big deal? Loud Yes!

Creating a great daily routine is a concept and practice that should be the peak of interest in the heart of every individual who dreams to rise to the top.

Now, for the sake of broad comprehension, let’s go for a nice breakdown.
What are routines? Routines are sets of habits that are engaged on a regular basis. Routines are basically what you do every time. Routines aren’t necessarily always great. They can either be great or not, depending on the choices of the subject person. I’m sure we’re all about creating a great one here.

You see, success is not that big thing you’ll attain by chance or luck. Success is an intentional thing that clings to only intentional people. To live on chances is the greatest failure and being intentional is the most magical way out.

What Does it Require to Create a Great Daily Routine?

1. Be Intentional

To be intentional is to know what you want in life and do all it takes to get it. Being intentional in the choice of friends, choice of content, choice of gatherings and beliefs, in every sense.

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In your quest to creating a great daily routine, being intentional is king. Decisiveness is crucial and determination is everything.

2. Be Diligent

Diligence is not as ambiguous as the word sounds. Diligence is simply knowing the right thing to do and doing it. Creating a great daily routine will definitely demand diligence from you in every sense. Many times, you may not feel like doing it but diligence ensures that it is done. Beyond creating a great daily routine, diligence is a constant thing you’ll need to keep up with your routine on a daily basis.

3. Be Disciplined

In the words of my mum, great things don’t want to be done but you must take it upon yourself to do them.

Creating a great daily routine is a much more greater thing because it’ll set the course of events for your life in subsequent years down the line. It won’t be easy or let me say, it is not easy but it is very possible.

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There will be times you’d just want to walk away and relax but please, don’t.
There will be times you’d feel like snoozing alarms and sleep more, please rise.
There will be times you’d not feel like doing what you know should be done but hey, please fight and do it.

These little things go a long way to determine how the future plays out for you. As a matter of fact, as a student writer that I am, I didn’t feel like writing this, I have every reason not to, but I have to and I am. Why? It is a routine that, I know, helps me grow and prepares me for the kind of future I’ve always dreamt of.

One of the good things about discipline is that it helps you master great habits. At first, it is difficult but with time, it becomes an inseparable part of you. Great men are disciplined men. Do you know any? Ask them.

Life will not give to a loose man what belongs to a disciplined man. It’s a fair share. Are your dreams not worth the price? If they are, you better pay it with pride.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the greatest force of creation that I have learnt in the school of life. Consistency creates! Psychologically, spiritually, academically, emotionally, it does. You only need to practice a thing every designated time to realize the amount of power locked up in this great force.

Creating and keeping up with great daily habits are at the mercy of your consistency.

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We are not even talking about routines without consistency let alone creating a great one. Consistency is therefore an important deal you need to make to create a great daily routine.

What you do this morning, next morning and subsequent mornings will eventually become a part of you, and if they are great, will make you great.

The good news here is that creating a great daily routine doesn’t have to start with big plans and tasks, you can make do of certain basic tasks/ activities and with time, improvement comes.

The cogent result of having a great daily routine is GROWTH. As much as you’re growing, you can be sure you’re good to go.

I recall I started mine with reading the newspaper, learning two English words, and reading one chapter from a book, every single day. These simple repeated acts, today, have not only shaped my self-esteem, they have also built me and done a lot of self-discovery in me.

Today, I have grown to an extent; I am able to read up to five or six books or more in thirty days, I am able to accurately communicate with my self-esteem, and more.

I started small, now I have grown and I’m still growing because I know I’m not there yet. The important thing is that I’m way better than I was and I believe every day is another grace to be better as there’s no end to growth, except biologically.

I believe you can, as well, become all you dream to be as you’re intentional about life and by evidence, create a great daily routine.

The top is our abode!

Do you have a daily routine that works perfectly for you? Or not? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below.

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