The Confident You: Taking Charge of Your Life

“Your life will fly by, so make sure you’re the pilot” – Rob lian

Did you meditate on that quote? Please do.

The truth remains the truth, whether or not you believe it. As a teenager, how are you living your life? Who is taking charge?

Your life will fly by, your life will soar, it will travel, it will sojourn through places. And while it does all that, who/what is the Pilot of the plane? Who/what drives the car of your life? Who leads the journey?

If it’s not you, it’s high time a swap took place. A swap of pilots; a swap of drivers; a swap of leaders, all of which would only be possible on the altar of confidence.

Confidence is believing you can do it, it is a deep conviction that stems from within, it is a resolute assurance about self! Yeah, it is more than self esteem, It is having a mentality that’s unrestricted to self and personal possibilities and achievements..

Being confident is having a brilliant view or outlook of your life, accepting the truth, relaxing in the fact that no one would do it better than you can.

The confident you develops a sense of responsibility, an increased level of self-consciousness, without which taking charge is impossible. Until you grow to realize that you are largely responsible for your life, taking charge would be mere words.

I’ve always known one solid thing about being confident, and that is the fact that it changes your ideologies and perspective about life and it launches you on board. It makes you man up and fills you with the brightest vibes in the world.

You take charge, you become your life’s boss, your priorities would begin to revolve around your values. You start making relative decisions, you start taking your place on the throne of decision making, you become so bold that nothing will stop you.

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For me, over the past few years, my confidence has been getting me on board. I’ve been in charge and by that, I mean I set priorities of my own, I mark out Goals that fit my values, I make radical choices without a need for external influence. I do things I want to do, without a debt of apology to anybody. I regulate my relationships, I walk with people who helps me get going, I walk out people who are sitting in my life without an iota of help to offer. That’s me, I needn’t be sorry about that.

I have never regretted being confident, being in charge and being on board, because really this is my life, and if I am going somewhere great in life, I must keep being the Driver; two persons don’t drive a car, do they?

You need to know two things: First, that your life is yours to live and it will fly someday; secondly, that lack of confidence in who you are is most inimical to your future and risky for your dreams.

You shouldn’t be apologetic about the choices you make. Create your own definition of success, don’t toss away your life to people to play with. The confident you must set your own priorities. Make your life a reflection of your values, aspirations, and goals, take personal risks, never considering what anyone thinks.

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The confident you prepares for exams, adheres to diligence and discipline. Give it whatever it takes, and ace it.

The confident you gets a hold of relationships. Be bold enough to show the exit to people whose presence are synonymous to nothing, who puts you down, who makes you feel like an option, who gives you ill vibes, and feels better making you feel bad.

The confident you moves from always saying “Yes, okay” to “No, thanks”, where it matters. It’s not pride, your life is already filled, don’t attach loads that’ll weigh you down, Say no to some opportunities, say no to some people, say no to some parties, say no to some dates, say no to some foods.

That’s what I call “Taking charge”. You can’t be here and there at a time. One of the many reasons people fail in life is as a result of trying to get multiple things done at a time, you are not taking charge that way. People who take charge are people who are confidently committed to a singular task, they give it their all and they come out fine.

The confident you don’t have to please everyone. You are Living for one person, and that person is you.

Quit begging to live your own life. The Confident You must emerge, you must take charge

Be you!

Are you ready to take charge of your life?
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