Are You Ready for that Success Moment?

If preparation is very important, how then do I prepare to be successful? No matter how great or small your dream is, you will have to go through a process to see it come through. Success is a step-by-step realization of a particular goal. So, what little things have you started to do that are aimed at fulfilling your goals? … More Are You Ready for that Success Moment?


Demand The Best From Yourself

What do you need to succeed? The right mindset? Consistency? Hard work? Patience? Obstacles? You have them at your fingertips. A friend once told me, anytime you procrastinate, there’s a still voice begging you to put in the work. Over time, it grows silent. … More Demand The Best From Yourself

The Value of Time

Time is a currency. A free one at that, which is given to everyone in equal amount and, like currencies, must be spent. It is even more important than money. When time is approached the right way in a New Year, it can be used to free our minds from all the baggage of the previous years and help us have a fresh start. … More The Value of Time

The Beauty of Journaling

Whether you journal or not, you grow regardless, but journaling helps you record that growth and you are challenged to be more intentional about life.
Journaling is no easy thing to do, especially if the goal is to do so every day but it is definitely fun and enjoyable to do. The benefits of it in the short and long-term are satisfying, and every entry is worth it. … More The Beauty of Journaling