Evaluating on the Move

Its been thirty days since the year 2020 kicked off, and obviously, everyone has gotten immersed into the year with trying to meet up with budgets, personal set goals, targets by employers, make ends meet, amongst other things that preoccupy an average human mind.

Amongst all these hustling and bustling to meet them all, isn’t it time to make some evaluations on how far you have come since you kicked off the journey? No, I don’t mean you should take a break from them all, but why not take some thoughts on how far you have come? Are you still doing the right thing?

Are you still seeking the same things you had in mind before getting on the move? Has your journey not become clouded rather too early?

All these questions and more can help you still align your movement for the year as you step into the next phase of the year (February).

Evaluating your journey at different stops helps you to remain focused on the goal. Take a look at the resolutions you made or had in mind at the beginning of this year, how feasible is achieving them to you at this point? What steps have you been taking towards attaining them?. It may be time to put in more efforts than you have been doing.

Lastly, since you have been on the move this year, who have you been accountable to in other to achieve what you set out for? I know it’s not easy opening up to people about your life but you also need to know that you can’t do it alone. And if you have been submitting to accountability, how has it helped your journey and how open have you been? You can still do more.

Many more questions you may still need to ask at this point that you are, in order to achieve your aim. Just ensure you evaluate yourself if you still be on the path that you once saw as the best path to glory. Happy New Month in advance.

Have you done any self-evaluation since the beginning of this year? Now is a great time to if you haven’t.


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