God’s Got You!

God’s got You In times when all seems down and out, God’s got You When all that’s ahead seems foggy, God’s got You When it all seems to be heading for the rocks, God’s got You The only help in times of trouble has always been God The only way to turn to in times … More God’s Got You!

Greater Love 

It is Valentine again, a time to show love to the very special people in your life. In this season of giving love, what love could be greater than that which is between lovers, families and partners? Greater love has no one than this, that he should lay down his life for his friends~ John … More Greater Love 

Quality is Key

In a time like this when everyone has something to say. In a time like this when everyone wants to be heard You have got to ask yourself if what you’ve got is really worth it. Is it really influential enough? Is it well convincing? Everyone wants to be successful at what they do, but … More Quality is Key

Make It Count

B.I.M.M.I.C Happy new year to you my dear reader, so happy to have you here with me in the journey of 2018. I have resolved to using ten minutes daily to write something or whatever comes to my mind. Why did I decide on this, you may ask, the simple answer is that since I … More Make It Count

Planning 2018

It’s almost the end of the year 2017. How can you rate the year on a scale of 1 – 10? A lot of people have seen little or no changes at all in their position to where they wished or prayed they were. An average human prays and hopes for a better future but … More Planning 2018