On Becoming a Better Listener

to listen means “to give one’s attention to a sound”, “make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something”. … More On Becoming a Better Listener


Preparing for Financial Emergencies

The reality of life is that as much as we try to be financially stable and independent, there will be emergencies, at least once in a while, that will keep us on our toes. Surely, the rain and storm will blow, but the house that’s been built on the rock will remain standing after everything. So will the story of those who wisely prepare for financial emergencies. … More Preparing for Financial Emergencies

You are Not Alone

To anyone going through that time in life where it seems as though you are alone in the world, this is a reminder that ‘you are not alone’. Life must always happen to everyone at some point, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get through it. You are not alone, you have got the unconditional Love and support of Jesus. … More You are Not Alone

Drug Overdose Might Be Your Fault

Drug overdose, which most people count as negligence on the part of the nurse and other medical teams, has sent millions of people to early grave and untimely death and it still happens every day, but if every patient can be at alert while in the hospital, then majority of patients won’t be a victim, because if you are not comfortable with your medication and you keep quiet, then drug overdose may also be your fault. … More Drug Overdose Might Be Your Fault