Value-Date Yourself

St valentine’s Day isn’t a day to be celebrated for selfish and fleshly desires, but a day to remember the value a young daring priest added to the lives of young people who were dating many years ago which led to his execution. … More Value-Date Yourself

Learning From Mistakes

A mistake is a wrong action attributed to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention. Mistakes are bound to happen in a man’s life, lest he may take pride in being flawless. But when mistakes happen, the next thing to do is to learn from it so as not to make the same mistakes again. So, how can you learn from mistakes? … More Learning From Mistakes

Cease to Exist; Live!

Existing in this life at the expense of really living life. It is like having a full scholarship to study any choice course, but one decides to toss it on to another. Instead of waiting for a splendid tomorrow, why not have a fabulous today? Live today by making the best use of today, remember that the tomorrow you are looking forward to will also keep changing its name to Today. … More Cease to Exist; Live!

Staying Fit

Do you know that the state of being fit goes beyond just systematically training one’s body? Just like health, it also includes exercising one’s state of mind, checking one’s diet, and reshuffling circles (relationships). … More Staying Fit