7 Common Sense Things You Should Know in 2020

I did a bit of research during the week on “7 common sense things people should know” and I realized that there’s so much more that I didn’t even know, which I ought to. I did learn much from my deliberate research, which is why I titled this post “7 Common Sense Things You Should Know in 2020”.

The 7 Common Sense Things include:

1. Most Spreadsheets Don’t Spellcheck

As someone who does a lot of analysis statistically due to the nature of my course of study, I often use the spreadsheet app, and although it eases my work through pre-installed formulas and other features, it doesn’t automatically spellcheck words or auto correct wrong words. So, just before you round up your work, ensure you do a manual spell check to ensure your work is good to go.

2. The Color You See in Pitch Darkness Has a Name

Many times I have closed my eyes in darkness and after opening them, I see a kind of color flashing before me which I can’t really explain. Well, through my research, I found out that the color I see is called “eigengrau“, which means intrinsic gray. It’s the shade of dark gray people see when there’s no light.

3. Sleeping in a Cold Room Will Help You Slim Down

I haven’t tried this before but I found out online that according to research from Commonwealth University, “Just a single month of sleeping in a 66-degree room helped increase subjects’ fat-burning ability by as much as 10 percent”. So, if you are looking to shed weight this 2020, you could give it a trial after researching more on it.

4. Hair Growth May Be Connected With Ethnic Background

As a lover of natural hair, though I’m not a female, I thought it needful to share with you that even though the average human hair grows up to about six inches yearly, there are still some differences experienced by people from some specific ethnicity. According to research published in the International Journal of Dermatology, people of Asian descent tend to have faster-growing hair compared to those from other ethnic backgrounds.

5. I.e. and E.g. Are Different

I.e. is an abbreviation of “id est,” which means “that is,” but mostly known as “in essence.” While E.g., on the other hand, stands for exempli gratia, which means “for the sake of example,” is mostly known as “example given.”

6. Fighting A Grease Fire

I learnt much about fire-fighting due to my association with the Navy.

When it comes to fire outbreaks either incipient, small or large (those three are the types of fire), whenever it is grease (oil) fire, trying to quench it with water is no-no.

7. Bad habit to avoid while using medications

Lastly, I came across this very vital medical advise which most people ignore, including me. Just so you know that when taking medications, especially antibiotics, you ought to complete your normal dose. Don’t just stop because you already feel well and alright; doing this may likely give immunity to any bacteria that could have escaped the first few dose you used, and treating such next time will become more difficult.

These seven tips might seem basic but you will be surprised how much a little difference in our wealth of knowledge can affect us. I hope you got one or two things from this.

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