Value-Date Yourself

Value as a word has to do with quality, while the date in this context has to do with the arrangement in advance for the future. At a time like this, especially on a day like today, where a lot of arrangements have been made in advance just to celebrate the St. Valentines Day, I thought it needful to say this. You can also start planning ahead to add value to your life, so you can also be celebrated.

As lovely as it is to celebrate family, friends and loved ones on days like this, looking out for ways to add value to yourself in order to be valuable to both yourself and those around you before the next valentine would also be a good way to mark this year’s Val.

What Does it Mean to Add Value?

Adding value to your life has to do with looking out for areas in your life, attitudes, temperament, characters, lifestyle, decision making in which you can still improve on in order to be a better person both for your good and of those around you.

Adding value can also mean learning a new skill to be perfected before the next valentine’s day. By then, your new skill could provide you with a new source of income or better still give you the chance to have something to volunteer with in charity work.

Asides the learning aspect, adding value can also mean volunteering for a charitable cause with what you know you can do at the moment.

How to Maintain the Value

Starting out to add value to one’s life may seem adventurous at first but can get wearisome and tiresome along the way, which is why knowing how to maintain both the value you presently have and that which you are aiming to add to your life will go a long way in achieving your aim.

  • Being accountable to someone you look up to or love for encouragement and guidance is the best way to keep maintaining value.
  • Knowing your strength and weaknesses and willing to keep striving and pushing yourself forward is another way to maintain value too.

St valentine’s Day isn’t a day to be celebrated for selfish and fleshly desires, but a day to remember the value a young daring priest added to the lives of young people who were dating many years ago which led to his execution.

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Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate the uncommon love a martyr saw the need to preserve and gave his life for.

You also can choose to add value to the society by deciding to value-date yourself before the next St Valentine’s day to be celebrated.

Happy St Valentine’s day to everyone, including the married, engaged and single.

How do you plan to Value-date yourself from this day onward?


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