What is Your Value?

So, what do you worth? How important are you? Are you relevant? Are you worthy? How do you esteem yourself? What is your value? Are you defined by your background? Or do you define your life?

So many questions and more could be asked to help assess how much value you place on yourself. Do you believe you are worthy?

Life happens and certain situations in life may let you look down on yourself. It could be an abuse when you were young, bullying from a senior in school, whatever it may be, you need to know that you are valuable!

Yes, you are! You are worthy! You have purpose! You have direction! You are a solution! You are desirable! 

You are so valuable that somebody died for you! Whoops! You are that important to God. He sent his only son to die for you. To be despised so that you would be desirable, to be looked down upon so that you would be valued, to be trodden upon so that you would be treasured.

You are important, your past does not define you, that abuse does not define you, your wrong choices in the past does not define you, your background does not define you. God defines you!

Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.

Isaiah 43:4  

This is God’s declaration about you. You are precious! You are honourable! You are lovable! You are worthy to be died for! 

Jesus died to take away your sins and we are in the season of remembering his death and resurrection. Is his death and resurrection significant to you? Have you accepted his lordship? Are you saved? You can take the decision today and get into the family of God. Simply say this prayer: 

Lord Jesus, I know you love me and that is why you gave yourself for me. I come to recognise your sacrifice for me today and I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour. Come into my heart and help me to live as you direct me in Jesus name. Amen.

Yeah, keep living victoriously, you are a champion. 

Happy Easter!

If you said the simple short prayer, you can reach out to someone- a believer to put you through, or visit a church. You can also contact us.

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