From Being Good to Becoming the Best

The comparative of good is better. Better means ‘to improve’. It implies that to become the best, there is a need for ways to improve at what is currently being done. To experience change, new strategies and methods are needed. Excellence will not be handed to you on a platter of gold. … More From Being Good to Becoming the Best

Importance of Purposeful Relationships

No man is an island of knowledge. We all become greater and more competent by the reason of our interactions with others. We all need a relationship with God, colleagues at work, classmates, neighbours, church members and other categories of people we may come across. … More Importance of Purposeful Relationships

Keep On Moving

When you see people move in a different direction from yours, it does not necessarily mean you are wrong or they are. Neither is it that they do not know where they are going. We are all on different missions. The destination differs.

However, if you are headed in a way that will not lead to a place of fulfillment, make a quick turn, so you do not waste away this short moment of your life. … More Keep On Moving