Keep On Moving

Some days ago, on a hot afternoon, I was on my way home from a place; the cab dropped me at the junction, where I walked 10 minutes to my house.

I took the first step in the direction of my house. Yes, a step! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Then it occurred to me that in the same way, we all take a journey in pursuit of our life’s set goals at different times.

Every one of us has a goal of starting something new, learning a new skill and engaging in one activity or the other to improve ourselves.

So, the first thing is to decide the definite thing to do at a particular time and start off.

I continued my journey with confidence and steadiness. The road was busy with people moving on motorcycles, in cars, and in different directions.

When you see people move in a different direction from yours, it does not necessarily mean you are wrong or they are. Neither is it that they do not know where they are going. We are all on different missions. The destination differs.

However, if you are headed in a way that will not lead to a place of fulfillment, make a quick turn, so you do not waste away this short moment of your life.

And if you are headed in the right direction, keep on moving. The result will show that you are right.

Along the way, people took different turns because the turning would lead them to where they were going to but mine was to keep moving down the road.

There is a building which serves as a target for me that once I get there, I know I’m almost home. As I moved on, the building became nearer and clearer. So also as we move on in life, we will be nearer to our destinations.

At a point, I had to look back briefly to see how far I had walked.

It is important to do a review of the progress we have made in the pursuit of our goals and do a self-appraisal.

The main thing to avoid is being overwhelmed by how much we have achieved that we forget we are still on a journey.

There will surely be challenges along the way; in this case, it was the scorching sun. But then, keep moving.

Oh, the joy of when I finally got to my destination.

I did not take just one long step, it was the combination of many steps that got me home. In the same vein, little, consistent and concerted steps are what gets us to our destination.

I was happy because getting home allowed me to engage in other activities and prepared me for what to do next.

The fulfillment of a goal should lead us to do the next thing.
We are not stopping here yet as there are more to do.

Similarly, in our Christian journey, stopping halfway or becoming discouraged will not get us the prize. Therefore, run to obtain!

Whether it is here or for eternity, we keep moving on the right course.

Always remember to keep moving in every aspect of life. I hope you got something from this? 

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