The Cost of Familiarity

Yes, you’ve seen these people at their best and worst moments: you’ve seen them laugh and cry. You’ve seen them pull of their shirts when there’s heat. You’ve seen them confused. Maybe you’ve even seen them snore or fart!
But you should learn to ignore their weakness/humanity. Learn to respect their ingenuity, strengths, and wisdom. Learn to submit to them and get things solved.
That solution or improvement you desire in your career, relationship, spiritual growth, attitude, behavior/habit and so on may just be around you. That friend of yours whom you laugh together all the time may have the solution. Your boyfriend/girlfriend may know the way out. That lady/guy who is younger than you may know just what you need. … More The Cost of Familiarity

Is the Salvation of God in Christ Jesus Eternal?

Eternal salvation is basic in Christianity. If a believer is not grounded and well rested in this truth, his Christian life would remain unstable. His spiritual growth would not be stable as he would be tossed to and fro by condemnation. Salvation is completely God’s work, it needs no input of man than to believe. … More Is the Salvation of God in Christ Jesus Eternal?