Sincerity: the Way to Sustain Relationships

There’s this amazing series titled Money Heist a series you’d never want to stop seeing.

Now, I am not writing this article to talk about the professor’s rare intelligence: you know, how he had been planning a robbery since he was a kid and knew every step the Police would take beforehand. Neither am I writing about Tokyo’s impatience, Arturo’s craziness nor Palermo’s betrayal.

As interesting as that would have been, this article is actually inspired by Bogota’s advice to Denver when Monica was angry at him.

“What made her fall in love with you in the first place?” Bogota asked. “I shot her, took care of her, and even danced for her.” Denver replied. “Well, when last did you dance for her?” Bogota asked further, and Denver went blank!

That rather short question struck me and got me thinking and I realized it’s of a truth that there is always a reason why someone fell in love with us. It may be our intelligence and/or skills. Our listening ears. Our body structure. Our cooking abilities and so on.

But like Denver, we tend to forget all these things that made our partner love us in the first place, because we are now ‘familiar’ with everything.

This destroys a lot of relationships, like it almost destroyed Denver’s. To keep the fire of our relationships burning, we have to continually do those things.

And if generally, you feel like you can’t commit to a relationship yet, then, don’t rush into one. No one would ask you for a ‘relationship C.V.’


The way and/or why your Friend and/or lover fell in love with you in the first place should be how you sustain the relationship.

That’s why

You should always be yourself even when trying to win someone’s heart. If not, the “drama” you are acting would end one day and this could destroy the relationship.

Because when you reveal your real self, your partner may have to accept the hard truth that they don’t love you: they would be heartbroken to discover that they have fell in love with the fake version of you!

The only way to go about this is not to fake it. Just be you. I am not suggesting that you should keep all your bad habits and/or bad attitude then start saying ‘whosoever would love me, must accept me the way I am.” If that’s what you think then you would be alone for a very long time.

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Yes, you should be able to ‘bend’ and work on yourself to sustain your relationship with a lover and/or friend, because you both didn’t grow up in the same environment and may not have the same philosophy, but don’t pretend to be who you are just to be friends with someone.

Don’t hide your weakness and flaws just because you want to win the heart of someone. It’s unfair. It’s too much drama for one person to act.

Many have said that in a marriage or when you get to be very close to a friend, it’s always different compared to when you were just getting to know each other, but this is not always true. It’s only true if your partner has been acting a drama for you before you got real close to each other.

If you can’t endure an action of your partner, say it and deal with it immediately. You shouldn’t try to just cover it up. Don’t wait till it’s too late and you start complaining.

Be you so that even after winning someone’s heart, you still get to stay true to yourself. It’s much better that way as you wouldn’t have to worry about sustaining the drama.

It’s so beautiful when you can always be you when you’re with your loved one. There’s no feeling as peaceful as being in an honest relationship.

Because you and your partner can always be real: no need to be extra conscious and careful of your words, actions and reactions. You just get to do you!

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Have you been lying to your partner about some things? Tell them the truth today and relieve yourself of the drama! Have you stopped doing those things you always would do before you got so close to your partner? Resume them! And if you only did those things out of deceit and can’t continue , let them know!

Set yourself free, by so doing, you’ll sustain your relationship.

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