Don’t Rush into a Relationship

Relationships, as we all know, is a state of affair, attachment or friendship between two or more persons.

As a teen, this is the biggest phase of life especially for the sect I call the junior teen- 13yrs old. If you are a boy/girl at his teen stage whose mind is abstract from the word relationship then there are many things wrong somewhere.

Now, the first question is what’s the basis of a relationship? Gone are those days when most people promised themselves to keep a healthy relationship free from the pleasures of the flesh even though it still happens. But right now, it’s either you are thinking about having your first kiss, or whiling away time or whatever, which I bet is not worth it.

Young Champ, there is still a whole lot of time for this. A scholar once said don’t underestimate the lady’s power. Combining relationship and Academics is very tasking and time demanding, you might think you are a genius but down the road, you would see there is always time for everything and it is not worth the stress.

Let’s discuss the peer group factor, with the latest tag of “Na them they rush us” and the “Sweet Boys Association”. It would be so dumb when you tell your folks that you are single, but the simple question is are you really ready for it? Don’t get me wrong, a relationship is a very good thing. Besides, I had my first outing with a relationship at a younger age but it was like sitting for SSCE in Jss1; you should know the outcome. That is what happens when you do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

To the Older Teens (16-19years) passing through the late phase of puberty and adolescence, you might have received tons of love letters and various gifts and advances, with a good Waec result in the bag, you might feel you are now matured enough. But maturity doesn’t deal with the age but mindset. The best advice is to get a nice GPA in your first year of university before thinking about a relationship.

In the next 5years, there will still be TGIF, Clubs and the fun of social life but your certificate in the bag and money in the bank would determine if you would be in the VIP or Regular Section.

Nobody would ever ask for your relationship experience on your CV, so no need to rush into what doesn’t count.

Finally, before you venture into any relationship, just ask yourself these fundamental questions:

  • What is your motive (Negative/Positive)
  • Is it compatible with your academics
  • Are you matured enough to handle a breakup 💔
  • Are you willing and ready to sacrifice the time, money and other things involved?

When you have thoroughly scored yourself and you get a distinction, then know you are ready. But there is always time to make up so don’t rush into this phase that can mar/make you. Just take life one at a time. Besides, there is a man for every woman a woman for every man so just calm down and watch the mystery of relationship unveil while you give the final laugh.

I hope you got something from this? Do leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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